Fri, Apr 30, 2021

OVR Solo 2021 - Annual Tech, Site Visit & Trophies

Fortress Obetz

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Welcome to the Ohio Valley Region 
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This event is our Annual Tech and Trophy Presentation. As a bonus we are planning to run this event at our new site which is located at Fortress in Obetz. 

We plan to offer our Annual Tech Inspection at this event for SCCA/OVR members.

We also plan to present trophies to the 2020 class winners in the court yard of the Fortress. This is a FREE event.

The event starts at 5pm and should finish by 8pm.


Event requirements

Special Note for 2021 and COVID-19: This event is being hosted at Fortress in Obetz. The site is owned and operated by the Village of Obetz and therefore requires that everyone follow all state laws and guidelines regarding social distancing and mask wearing. Please adhere to these rules.


  • Your SCCA Member Card (if you aren't a member don't worry about that!)
  • A helmet that meets Snell certifications such as SA2010, SA2015, SA2020, M2010 or M2020.
    • If you have a roll cage in your car you must have a SA rated helmet.
  • The car that you wish to have inspected for the 2021 season.

The event starts at 5pm and should finish by 8pm.

Entries (62)

Rob Meier
Chris Tanferno
Nicholas Lawrence
Jared Szechy
Aaron Ritch
Larry McCarthy
Daniel Steigerwald
Brian Steigerwald

Fortress Obetz

Obetz, Ohio
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