Fri, Sep 1 - Sun, Mar 3, 2024

Our Gang Members 2024

Georgetown Lake

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Our membership applications are now online. Please complete this registration if you are interested in becoming an active Our Gang Member. There is no charge associated with this application.

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Join Our Team!

Our Gang Ice Racing exists through the support of it's members. Everyone who runs the club, schedules the events, sets up the tracks, checks in the drivers, organizes staging, arranges the awards, and does everything else you see happening at the lake are all volunteer members of Our Gang. Without them, none of this would happen!

As with everything in life, members come and go, so we always need new people to come alongside us to keep things moving forward! If you have a passion for racing, motorsports, or cars in general and want Our Gang Ice Racing to continue to grow and prosper, we would love to have your help!

  • Be in the know - Join us for our regular online meetings throughout the season
  • Vote on rules - Come to our Annual Meeting when we vote on changes to the events and rules
  • Run the races - Help us stage, flag, or even take center ice as we run the brackets
  • Party with us - Join us for food, fun, and camaraderie at our Saturday evening dinner shindig in Georgetown
  • Member exclusives - Join us for members-only fun days and become eligible for member discounts

Our only requirement to become a member is that you must have competed in races on at least two separate weekends before you are eligible to become a member. These weekends may have been earlier this season or in the past season.

Attendees (32)

Flynn Reese
Marc Romero
Danny Ling
Pavel Fomin
David Ling
Cody Ling
Kelsey Ida
Josh Tenge

Georgetown Lake

Georgetown, CO


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Our Gang Ice Racing

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