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NYR-SCCA Solo Points #8 & 9 - 2012 Charity Event

SCCA - New York Region - Solo

Saturday, Oct 27 — Sunday, Oct 28, 2012
Nassau County Veterans Memorial Col, Uniondale,, NY

Registration closed October 26, 2012 11:00 PM on October 26, 2012 11:00 PM EDT Registration ends October 26, 2012 11:00 PM on October 26, 2012 11:00 PM EDT Registration opens September 21, 2012 12:00 AM on September 21, 2012 12:00 AM EDT Registration runs from September 21, 2012 12:00 AM to October 26, 2012 11:00 PM

NYR-SCCA Solo Event Information

Location:    Nassau Coliseum Lot #8, Uniondale, NY
Directions:  http://www.nassaucoliseum.com/drivingthere.htm, there are red light cameras in the neighborhood.

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This weekend's autocross will be aiding Chelsea Hoffman, daughter of Scott Hoffman, and her medical bills for her surgery and recovery that were not covered by insurance. 






8:00-8:30 AM      On-Site Registration (Online registration & payment strongly recomemnded!)
8:30-9:30 AM      Tech Inspection

8:45 AM           Novice Drivers Meeting #1 (Must attend one of these two sessions.)
9:10 AM           Novice Drivers Meeting #2

9:35 AM           Course Closed for Walking

9:45 AM           Mandatory Drivers Meeting

10:00 AM          First Car Off

4:30 PM (approx)  Trophy Presentation

All entrants must present a valid state drivers license at registration.
No exceptions!

Seat belts and helmets are mandatory per the SCCA Solo Rulebook.
Loaner helmets are available in various sizes.

All cars must be muffled. A run with 93dB will be a warning. 95dB will be a need for corrective action. 97dB or greater for the 1st time will be a Corrective Action. A 2nd run with 97db or greater will be a DNF. A 3rd run of 97dB or greater will disqualify the competitor from the event

Passengers will not be permitted in any vehicle while it is on course,
except instructors designated by the club.

Drivers under the age of 18 must present a notarized minor release/waiver
form signed by your parent(s)/guardian(s) at registration, or bring a parent
along to sign the paperwork at the site in front of the registrar.  E-mail
the Solo Staff, nyrsolo@gmail.com or call 516.312.4494 to have the form
mailed out to you in advance of the event.

Any person at or near the event site will be required to sign the
insurance waiver and obtain a wristband, whether or not they are
competing, serving as crew, or watching the event and only staying
for a minute.  Anyone who refuses to sign the insurance waiver will
be asked to leave the site immediately.

Car Numbers:  We will be running our events with unique car numbers at

              every event.  That means that there will only be one car #777.
              Whatever car number you were assigned at your first event of
              the season will be reserved for you all year, and changing car
              numbers or classes mid-season may cause loss of accumulated
              season points.

              Car numbers 0-399 are reserved for annual SCCA members.
              Novices must use car numbers 700-999.  Anyone who competed
              in enough events last year to qualify for season points
              is guaranteed their same car number for the current season,
              as long as they register for the first event of the year.

              It is late in the season, so the car number you want may not be

              availble, expect an email w/ an available number 1-2 days after

              you register.


Novice Class: We will be running a season-long novice class and championship
               series, sponsored by JnJ Associates.  Scoring will be based on the PAX/RTP index for all entrants.

Pro Class:    NYR will be offering a voluntary Pro class, scored on the
              PAX/RTP index.

Formula Junior: We currently do *not* offer a Formula Junior class, only
              because we do not have an adult volunteer to be the Youth
              Steward as required by the SCCA's rules.  If someone wants
              to step forward and serve as the Youth Steward, we will gladly
              start our Formula Junior program up again.


 2012 Season Points:

     1) In order to create competition for season championships, drivers will compete in our 6 major   Solo classifications. Multiple low entrant classes will compete against each other via
the PAX/RTP index. If a subclass reaches 5 entrants on Wednesday night(23:59 EST) before an Event, that class will bump out into it's own class with its own trophies. If that class can bump out for 4 events, it will elegible for season points.

          Stock - SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS

          Road Tire Stock - SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS (on tires of treadwear of 140 or greater)
          Street Touring - STC, STF, STS, STX, STU, STR
          Street Prepared - SSP, ASP, BSP, CSP, DSP, ESP, FSP, SM, SSM, SMF

          Builder - all Street Modified/Prepared/Modified -SM,SMF,SSM,XP,CP,DP,EP,FP,GP,AM,BM,CM,DM,EM,FM,KM,FSAE
          Ladies  - all classes
          Novice  - all classes

          Pro     - all classes

          Ladies  - all classes
          Novice  - all classes

    1) The benefit of the structure of the large indexed classes allows drivers to be able to change vehicle            classes between events without messing up their season's points if they would like to,
       as long as they drive another vehicle in the same category.

    2) Only annual SCCA members will accumulate season points, except for
       novices who accumulate points without regard to membership status.

    3) One event will be dropped for season points.

    4) Must have competed in 1/2 of the season's event in a class
        to qualify for an end-of-season trophy.  (In 2012, this is
        4 of our 8 points events.)

    5) In the event of a tie, the last event will count as double points.

    6) Points awarded as follows: 1st = 9 points; 2nd = 6 points; 3rd = 4 points;
       4th = 3 points; 5th = 2 points; 6th+ = 1 point

7) Points for Driver of the Year will be based off of the PAX10000 scale. (PAX driver time/PAX FTD)x10000 = event points
Contact:  If you have any questions, please contact the 24-hour NYR-SCCA Solo Hotline:
(201)500-SOLO or e-mail nyrsolo@gmail.com .


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SCCA - New York Region - Solo

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Nassau County Veterans Memorial Col
Location Uniondale,, NY
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