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Mon, Sep 23, 2024

NWAA @ ORP Sept 2024

Oregon Raceway Park

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60 Drivers max in 3 Run groups 

  • Group A First time at ORP - 20 driver limit. For the beginner road course driver. Recommended to have multiple Autocross, other on track experience or Hillclimb(s)
  • Group B Intermediate - 20 driver limit. For drivers having more track experience (including other tracks) and/or multiple times at ORP.
  • Group C Advanced - 20 driver limit. For drivers that have run ORP in CCW and CW directions previously, on track driving schools, and/or years of track events/racing.

Basic Info:

  • Will be run Counter Clockwise
  • Event will run rain or shine
  • This is lapping, not a race.
  • This is fun, not a race.
  • There is no trophy, it's not a race.
  • This is for maximum track/seat time.

Again, this is NOT a race. Or a competition. Point to pass, pay attention to your mirrors. Allowed passing will be covered in the driver's meeting.

Please be courteous and safe when driving in Sherman County. The county was nice enough to let ORP be built, show them courtesy in return.

BRING LOTS OF WATER, whole food snacks, eat well, keep your energy up.

Site Rules/Etiquette:

  • Waivers must be signed by all to enter the site.
  • OR charges a $10 maintenance fee for all that enter. This fee will be charged at the gate. You can purchase a yearly entry fee gate badge for $25.
  • 5 MPH in the pits/paddock areas MAXIMUM.
  • No drugs/alcohol allowed on the property, anywhere. At all.
  • No spills or garbage allowed there. Catch ALL your fluids AND garbage. Put it in the bin or take it with you.
  • Play and share the track with the other drivers - this is not a race event
  • Share the track - allow passes and then follow, might be fun and you will learn!
  • Keep your pit area tight and neat. It can be very windy, if you have a Tent/Pop-Up Shade, TIE THINGS DOWN.
  • Have fun! Enjoy all of the cool cars and drivers that are like you!

Site Amenities

  • There is gas available at the track. It is ETHANOL FREE. Check in at the ORP Office with Brenda.
  • Lunch is available, you can sign up as a part of registration (it must be pre-purchased this way because we have to give them a count ahead of time - NO lunch purchases on the day of the event)
  • Stars Project at Oregon Raceway Park does have rental cars and instructors (call ahead to reserve an instructor), please check with Brenda Pikl Office Manager on the ORP website.
  • Dry camping is available for free. Sunday night the gates are open 6-9pm for campers to come in and set up. Camping is on pavement or rocks. There is also camping outside the gate (if you arrive after it's locked: 9pm Sunday), and it is also on the same rocks that are on the inside of the gate. Be warned, there are snakes outside the gates.
  • Restrooms with showers - please be mindful of others in the morning, quick showers!

Event requirements

Track rules:

  • 2 wheels off the track, you get the black flag.
  • 4 wheels off the track and you're coming in for the rest of the session. Do it a third time and you're done for the day.
  • Helmets required. MUST BE M/SA/K 2010 or newer. DOT only is not allowed.
  • Licensed drivers 18 and older.
  • Convertibles/Open vehicles rules ORP.
  • A maximum of 110 dbA will be permitted with a warning at 108 dbA. All cars must have a muffler.
  • No passengers, only Oregon Raceway Park Instructors may ride along. Please inquire ahead of time.

These rules are in place for a reason our safety. If we have to use the ambulance (someone is hurt bad, not good) the event is on hold until another emergency vehicle is on site.

ORP track map highlighted passing.pdf

NWAA ORP event Flags.pdf

7:00 AM Gates Open      
7:00 AM Registration Open      
8:00 AM ORP Orientation Tour-New Drivers Mandatory 
9:00 AM Mandatory Drivers Meeting in front of ORP Office
9:45 AM Group C Pre-Grid      
10:00 AM Group C enter track      
10:20 AM Group B enter track      
10:40 AM Group A enter track      
11:00 AM Group C enter track      
11:20 AM Group B enter track      
11:40 AM Group A enter track      
12:00 AM Group C enter track      
12:20 AM Group B enter track      
12:40 AM Group A enter track      
1:00 PM Lunch till 2PM      
2:00 PM Group C enter track      
2:20 PM Group B enter track      
2:40 PM Group A enter track      
3:00 PM Group C enter track      
3:20 PM Group B enter track      
3:40 PM Group A enter track      
4:00 PM Group C enter track      
4:20 PM Group B enter track      
4:40 PM Group A enter track      
5:00 PM Groups A, B, C enter track    
6:00 PM Checkered Flag for the Day is Flown   

Entries (12)

Darold Brandenburg
Douglas Hopkins
Scott Hulbert
Alex Escobar
Tyler Skidmore
Parker Holm
Gerald Schoon
Nic Desilets

Oregon Raceway Park

Grass Valley, OR
Download track map
Download track map
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


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NWAA @ ORP Sept 2024

Mon, Sep 23, 2024