Fri, May 10 - Sun, May 12, 2019

NCC Chapterfest 2019

Summit Point - Summit Point Circuit

About this event

National Capital Chapter (NCC) Chapterfest 2019, May 11, 2019 at Summit Point!!

Sponsored by Craftsman Auto Care

Craftsman Auto Care logo

Chapterfest is the National Capital Chapter’s premier celebration of everything NCC. Last year at Chapterfest 2018, after a nearly 10 year hiatus we welcomed more than 500 participants. Chapterfest attracts BMW CCA members and non-members from all over the east coast, with folks coming from as far north as New Jersey and as far south as North Carolina. This year we hope to welcome BMW CCA members and enthusiasts of other marquees!

Chapterfest 2019 will encompass everything we do as a chapter. There will of course be a HPDE on Summit Point Circuit (Main), Mike Renner from the BMW Performance Center will be doing Hot Laps and an Autocross course on the Washington Circuit will feed your inner speed demon. For those inclined to tinker, there will be DIY demos of a track oriented nature, along with a DIY lounge for a quick rest. A People's Choice Car Show will take place in the afternoon to show off your pride and joy. There will be a Chapterfest Tour originating at BMW of Sterling driving some wonderful twisty roads before breaking for lunch at Bavarian Inn before continuing on to Summit Point Motorsports Park in time to join us for the Chapterfest Dinner.  Add to this your attendance and Chapterfest 2019 will undoubtedly be an enjoyable and unforgettable day. Mark May 11 on your calendar now! Chapterfest 2019 will not disappoint. You're welcome and encouraged to come out and participate, spectate, ask questions, meet new club members, make new friends and have a great time!

The cost to attend Chapterfest is $5 per person. However, if your total registration is $50 or above please use the discount code "CFReg" at checkout to receive $5 off. 

NCC Hot Laps, May 11, 2019 on the Main Circuit at Summit Point!!

Sponsored by the BMW Performance Center


Want to experience what it’s like to lap the Summit Point Main Circuit? Your chance to ride shotgun for 2-3 laps in a F90 BMW M5 with Mike “Schnell” Renner to experience Summit Point Main Circuit at speed! Sign up for Morning, Lunch, Afternoon or Evening sessions! Loaner helmets will be available. Must be 18 years or older. 

The cost for hot laps is $10 per person. 

NCC HPDE, May 10-12, 2019 on the Main Circuit at Summit Point!!

Sponsored by Craftsman Auto Care

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Welcome to our annual Summit Point Main Circuit HPDE at Summit Point Motorsports Park sponsored by Craftsman Auto Care. This event is open to all run groups/skill levels with the usual 4 track sessions per day (including exercises), skidpad training, and classroom sessions. As you have come to expect, we provide a lot of track time, top-notch instructors, and an abundance of fun!

Note: New for 2019!  Fridays are now open to Advanced students and Approved Solo drivers!  Contact the Registrar if you have questions on your status as a National Capital Chapter Advanced or Approved Solo driver.  Students new to NCC must have approval from the Chief Instructor to register for Friday. 

  • Advanced/Solo Driver 3-day Registration: $650
  • Student Two-Day Registration: $475
  • Student Single Day Registration: $275 (Note: single day students will be placed on a waitlist and will only be confirmed if we have enough instructors)
  • Advanced and Solo Drivers Friday Only Registration: $200
  • Friday Skidpad Sessions for all level drivers: $50     

BMWCCA Membership is Required to participate in HPDE

HPDE Registration Closes on May 1st

NCC HPDE Hotel Partner:
Holiday Inn
142 Foxridge Ln
Winchester, VA  22603

Mention NCC BMW to receive discounted rate of $70/night (includes complimentary breakfast!)


HPDE T-shirts Sponsored by Spec53


NCC DIY, May 11, 2019 in the Main Paddock at Summit Point!!

Sponsored by BMW of Annapolis


During ChapterFest the DIY Committee will be demonstrating various track related DIY tasks under our white DIY canopy. We've limited these to safe jobs because of the tiny fingers that may be nearby. However we will require that parents keep close supervision on any children 90 and under that may observe. As with our normal DIY events, the purpose of these demos is to learn and practice proper maintenance and repair techniques that you can routinely complete. We are happy to show newcomers the joys of working on your own car.

Come observe and maybe get a little grease on your hands!

The DIY Program Webpage is here

NCC Chapterfest Tour, May 11, 2019 through Virginia and Maryland Backroads to Summit Point Motorsports Park!!

Sponsored by BMW of Sterling


Join us for a relaxing Midday Tour through the Virginia and Maryland Countryside. We will meet at BMW of Sterling at 10, no need to get up at the crack of dawn for this tour! Then hit the road at 10:30 drive some winding backroads and stop for a group lunch at the Bavarian Inn. Then after finishing up there we will make the short drive over to Summit Point to join up with the rest of Chapterfest around 3 PM. This should leave you time to do evening hot laps and attend dinner.

The cost for the tour is $10 per vehicle. 

NCC Autocross, May 11, 2019 on the Washington Circuit at Summit Point!!

Sponsored by RRT Racing


The NCC Autocross program uses a BMW-centric customized classing structure which pits your BMW or MINI against similar performance models in 3 levels of trim: Showroom, Tuner, and Modified. There is also a simple classing structure for non-BMW competitors.  You can check out the full details at

Our program is beginner friendly, offering in-car instruction, guided course walks, and a dedicated group of organizers who are happy to answer any questions you might have or show you the ropes. Also, there are free loaner helmets available for use, so if you don't have your own helmet there is no need to go out and buy or rent one just to get a few fun runs in!

Our events promote a great social gathering of all ages and all cars. So whether you're a longtime BMW CCA veteran or never been to an autocross before, come check it all out online at our website:

Please contact us with any questions you might have at  

CHAPTERFEST AUTOCROSS WILL BE A MEMBERS ONLY EVENT! You are required to be a BMWCCA member to participate in the 2019 NCC Autocross Points Event #2 to be held during Chapterfest.

AM or PM Session Online registration is $35.00.  Walk-up registration is $40.00 for members (PM Session Only! No Cash Accepted!!)

All Day Session (Online Registration Only!):: $55.00. 

HPDE Participants Session (Online Registration Only!) (HPDE Participants only!): $50.00.

HPDE Participants with the NCC HPDE taking place on the Main Circuit this weekend for Chapterfest will have the ability to participate in the autocross between your on-track sessions in the HPDE.  This registration option is ONLY for those who are also registered for the HPDE with NCC.  Participants will be given their normal amount of timed runs (4 or 5 depending on schedule allowances) an WILL NOT have a work assignment with this registration option, so you can get back over to the Main Circuit to continue participating in the HPDE.

HPDE registrations will be verified within 1 week of the event.

Autocross Schedule:

7:45 AM - Facility Opens to the Public
8:00 AM - Tech Inspection Opens
8:45 AM - Tech Inspection Closes/Course Opens for Walk
9:10 AM - Drivers Meeting (AM Session)
9:20 AM - Grid Cars (AM Session)
9:30 AM - First Car Off (AM Session)
11:45 AM - Tech Inspection Opens (PM Session)
12:00 PM - Course Cold (AM Session)
12:00 PM - Registration Opens for Walk-Up Registrations
12:15 PM - Course Opens for Walk
12:30 PM - Tech Inspection Closes
12:40 PM - Drivers Meeting (PM Session)
12:50 PM - Grid Cars (PM Session)
1:00 PM - First Car Off (PM Session)
4:00 PM - Course Cold (PM Session)
*As always, event schedule is subject to change.

NCC People's Choice Car Show, May 11, 2019 in the Main Paddock at Summit Point!!

The People's Choice Car Show is open to all Chapterfest attendees.  Registrants' cars will be assigned a number, and registrants and attendees will vote for cars in six categories.

Winners of the six classes will be decided by ballots cast by fellow chapter members in attendance.  Winners do not need to be present to win.

Cars need to be in place and ready to by judged by 2:00 PM. Judging will end at 5:00 PM with awards presented at approx. 5:30.

The classes are:

Class One - Car I’d most like to drive

Class Two - Car I’d most like to own

Class Three - Favorite ///M Car

Class Four - Favorite Modified Car

Class Five - Favorite Original Car

Class Six - Favorite Classic BMW (1980s and older)


NCC Chapterfest Dinner, May 11, 2019 in the Main Paddock at Summit Point!!

Sponsored by Radial Tire / Michelin

A BBQ Dinner (catered by Jordan Springs Market) will kick off around 6pm.  One BBQ ticket is included if you are registered for HPDE.  BBQ tickets may be purchased for non-HPDE participants, family and friends.

The cost for dinner is $25 per person. 


Thank you to our Sponsors!


Event requirements

Hot Laps Sponsored by the BMW Performance Center:

Depending on which session you register for, please follow this schedule:

Approximate times to report to Pit Out at Summit Main Circuit:

Early Morning (Arrive at 8:00 AM)

Lunch (Arrive at 12:00 PM)

Afternoon (Arrive at 1:15 PM)

Evening (Arrive at 4:30 PM)

Autocross Sponsored by RRT Racing:

BMWCCA requires that all NCC Autocross participants to be registered BMWCCA members.

We realize that not all of our past event attendees are members. To help offset the cost of membership new BMWCCA memberships are entitled to one free NCC Autocross points event!

BMWCCA membership is $48 which is a great deal. BMWCCA members enjoy a multitude of benefits such as discounts on hotel rates and towing services. Plus if you’re a BMW or MINI owner you get the extra benefit of dealer discounts at most MINI/BMW dealers and several local shops in the area.

See the links below for details:

Signing up is easy! Simply go to “Become a Member, Autocross for Free!!!”  and follow the posted steps. Make sure you complete step 3 after you complete your membership so that we can note your free event.

BE AWARE: Your automobile insurance may not cover you during competition in an autocross event.  If you wish to carry insurance for our events, Lockton Motorsports offers a Autocross Policy that covers you for 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase.  If you are interested in learning more about these policies or purchasing, see the following link:

Autocross/HPDE PARTICIPANTS: Even if you are carrying an Insurance Policy for the HPDE event on Summit Main, this policy DOES NOT cover the autocross should an incident occur.  If you would like a policy to cover you during the autocross, see above.

HPDE Sponsored by Craftsman Auto Care:

HPDE Admissions Policy

Due to strong demand for space in National Capital Chapter (NCC) HPDEs, we are sometimes unable to accommodate all the students who apply.  For HPDEs where applications exceed our school capacity, we will admit students as outlined below.

Priority Assignment

A current BMWCCA membership is required to participate in HPDE.  Applicants that exceed our HPDE capacity or instructor load will be waitlisted.

HPDE Notes

·       All cars  must be quiet enough to allow for in-car communication, must have passenger seats and equal restraint systems for both passenger and driver.  Functional, securely attached lap and shoulder belts are required for both front seats.  The front seats must have equal restraint systems in place and operational (e.g., if the driver has a five-point harness, the passenger must have a five-point harness as well.)  Performance-enhancing modifications and R-compound (racing) tires inhibit learning and are strongly discouraged.  If roll bars or cages are installed, they must be fully padded above the level of the front door window sills (anyplace the driver’s/passenger’s head could come in contact with the roll cage).

·       Cars must be inspected by a qualified service facility before the event.  A properly completed tech inspection form (supplied) must be presented at the track.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your car is safe and roadworthy. Race cars must present a current annual race car inspection.

ATTENTION BMW E36 CAR OWNERS:  The original radiator must have been replaced in ANY E36 BMW that drives in our schools.  This is a safety issue and not negotiable.  Download and read the Tech Inspection form on the NCC website ( for the rules concerning you car.  It is your responsibility to understand these rules prior to registration.  If you wait too late and cannot meet the radiator requirement before the school, you run the risk of forfeiting part or all of your registration fee based on the Refund Policy noted below.  

  • Helmets ---Note these requirements  --- Must be certified to Snell M- or SA-standards, 2010 or later.  Full-face helmets with SA-2010 or later certifications are strongly recommended.  The Snell Memorial Foundation’s certification will be found on a sticker inside the helmet.  Loaner helmets are available on a limited basis. Contact the registrar to request a loaner helmet.

  • Prior approval is required for students intending to share cars and for changes in car type after registration!!

HPDE Refund Policy

Student and instructor schedules are finalized and sent to the printer approximately fifteen days prior to the event.  Our HPDE costs are fixed and based on financial obligations we enter into once you register and we accept you into the event. Tuition is priced as low as possible based upon your acceptance and attendance.   

If you cancel your registration two weeks before the Friday of the relative event, you'll not be charged for your registration. If you cancel your registration between 14 and 7 days before the relative event, you'll receive a 50% refund of you payment minus NCC incurred registration fees which are approximately 3.5%. If you cancel your registration within 7 days of the relative event, also known as the 'Freeze' date, you'll receive no refund.  

Registrations canceled after 5pm on the Freeze Date, will receive no refund. NCC incurred registration fees are the responsibility of the registrant/student regardless of the reason for the cancellation. Cancellation is the responsibility of the registrant and can be executed through MSReg. Notification to the Registrar may be made by email to 

If you fail to attend the HPDE without notifying the Registrar prior to 5:00 p.m. the Friday before the event, you will forfeit your entire tuition for that weekend.

If you damage your car or your car breaks for any reason and you cannot drive or continue in the school, there will be no refund provided for the remainder of the event that is missed. For example, if you run off the track and break your suspension or if your radiator breaks on Saturday morning at 9:00am and you cannot run any more laps that weekend, you will not be reimbursed for any of your event fees for that event.

The National Capital Chapter reserves the right to decline entry to any individual and to any vehicle deemed unsafe or unsuitable for track use. 

There will be no exceptions made to these cancellation and refund rules. They have been developed over many years of experience operating NCC driving schools. Please do not ask us to make an exception to your 'unique' situation. Thank you for helping us run a safe and financially successful HPDE program.

Summit Point Motorsports Park General Rules

1. It is the responsibility of the LESSEE to post the rules to any and all online links, and include in any registration packets for the event to be held at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

2. PIT BIKES, ATVs and any other similar type vehicles are restricted to the general paddock area ONLY and are not permitted to be used outside of the paddock or in any “off road” areas of the facility. All operators are required to have a valid license for the vehicle, and no one under 16 is to be permitted to operate any motorized vehicle except as permitted by LESSEE’s insurance during track activities.

3. DRONES or any other remote flying type craft are not permitted to be flown at any time in any area of the property and may be subject to confiscation.

4. Participants of an event at Summit Point Motorsports Park are limited to the circuit, paddock, and general access roads immediately surrounding the circuit where the event is taking place. Absolutely no admission to any other circuit or training area is permitted. Other areas may include ranges, off road training areas, or other circuits which may or may not be in use for other events.

5. Facility Access for participants may be arranged the day prior to an event. Such access will be no earlier than 6 p.m. on the day prior to an event. Should such access not be arranged in advance, access is 7 a.m. the day of the event.

6. Facility Access when moving from one circuit to another on successive days. Should the LESSEE be renting more than one circuit on successive days, transfer from one paddock to the next shall not occur before 7 p.m. of the first day of an event to allow for proper time to clean and make ready the paddock for the event.

7. Sound Limits Summit Point Motorsports Park has a 103dB sound limit. Any vehicle(s) found to be over the sound limit will be removed from the circuit and given time to correct the issue before returning to the circuit. Repeat violations of the sound limit may result in the vehicle not being permitted on to the circuit.

8. Fireworks are not permitted at any time at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

9. Quiet Time No “race engines” or other loud vehicles may be run either on track, in the paddock, or in any area of the facility prior to 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. Additionally, the Shenandoah Circuit is subject to a “Quiet Hour” for church services in the community from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. every Sunday.

10. Speed Limits on any and all access roads on the facility is 20MPH and “Walking Speed” within paddock confines.

11. Grills and campfires Participants are permitted to use grills during an event. Campfires are permitted, but we strongly encourage the use of self-contained raised “fire pits” and discourage the use of ground fires.

12. PETS should be leashed at all times and non-aggressive to people and other animals. Owners are expected to clean up after their pets.

13. Children are always welcome at Summit Point and should be supervised at all times. Bicycle riding should be limited to after the track goes “cold” to limit interaction with moving vehicles in the paddock, and riders under 18 should wear protective head gear at all times in accordance with West Virginia state law.

14. Cones used by an event are to be picked up and returned to the cone shed in your respective paddock at the conclusion of the event. Failure to do so will result in a $250.00 fee billed to the club.

15. Spills and Clean Up should be reported right away to maintenance, whether on track or in the paddock. Oil dry used during an event to clean up spills will be billed to the LESSEE at a rate of $15.00 per bag.

16. Firearms are not permitted 

Summit Point - Summit Point Circuit

Summit Point, WV
Download track map
Download track map


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BMW CCA - National Capital Chapter - Driving Schools

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