Fri, Nov 10 - Sun, Nov 12, 2023

NASA at Thunderhill Raceway Park

Thunderhill Raceway Park

About this event

Join us for the 20th running!


Instructions for registering:

Team Principle:

  1. Select "Endurance Racing - Vehicle Registration" and select your class. (This will register your car.)
  2. If you are also driving on your team, select "Endurance Racing - Driver Registration". Then select "Car + Driver Registration". (You can also do this at a later time.)
  3. As you proceed through the registration process, you'll reach the section where you can declare your team. Please enter your team name. This is what will display in Timing & Scoring.
  4. Once you've completed the registration of your vehicle, please inform your drivers to register themselves on this event page as drivers on your team. (Please inform them that they must do that NO LATER than two weeks prior to the event. This will help ensure we have adequate time to assist with any last minute licensing or medical concerns.)


  • Any team principle that wants to register multiple vehicles will need to process each team vehicle entry separately. We suggest processing the vehicle entry by itself for fastest service and then registering the second vehicle.
  • Each vehicle registration must use a different declared team name. "Team NASA Racers 1" and "Team NASA Racers 2" are satisfactory.

Team Drivers:

(If you are driving on a team and did not register the car, follow these steps.)

  1. Select "Endurance Racing - Driver Registration". Then select the team you will be driving on. If you do not see the team listed, it is because your team principle hasn't registered the car for the event yet. This must be done before you can register to drive on the team.
  2. Complete your registration and the system will automatically add you as a driver for that team.

Paddock Space Info:

Pit spaces are 20' wide and run across the entire paddock. You are welcome to fit in anything you like as long as it is within your assigned space. If you want an RV space that is separate from your paddock space for a quiet place to retreat, you can purchase an RV space in Turn 1.

Paddock Space Request form - click here:

Link to the paddock map:

If you need more than the allotted paddock space that comes with one entry, you will need to purchase additional paddock space for $1000. Please see fees below.

RV Reservations:

  1. RV reservations are for Wednesday-Sunday. We have 20 assigned spots available in Turn 1, so reserve your spot early. $249 for the weekend.

All Teams:

  • Vehicles must be registered before drivers.
  • Every driver for a team must register individually.
  • Vehicles and drivers have separate entry fees for this event.
  • All teams will be charged for a minimum of four drivers. Additional drivers are $450 each.

Competition Licenses:

Racers, please make sure your medical is current! This can be checked from your NASA account by clicking your name in the upper left corner of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re 45 years old or older, you are required to submit a 12-lead EKG with your medical evaluation from. The EKG is generally only required to be submitted one time, and held on record unless you have a change in your health. Current medical forms can be found at:

If you don’t know which class to enter, please refer to the NASA Rules, and Series Rules, all available at: If you still don't know where to class your car, please submit support request here. All racers must have their annual tech completed along with car classification forms and dyno certification forms (if required) submitted here.

NASA Requirements:

Suit patches are required for all driver's suits. Each car must have four NASA stickers. Regular price will be $5 for patches and $2.50 for each sticker. Patches and stickers will be available at Driver Info/Registration.

Cancelation/Refund Policy:

All entry fees are fully refundable, except a $95 processing fee and any crew credentials already purchased, up to one week before the event. Requests for refunds must be made by email to the NASA NorCal office by October 24, 2023,  No refunds will be issued after October 24, 2023.

Registration Deadlines:

  1. Team Declaration/Vehicle Registration (Deadline Sept 19, 2023 NOW SEPT 26!)
  2. Driver Registration (Deadline Sept 26, 2023 NOW OCT 3!)
  3. Paddock Space Request (Deadline Oct 3, 2023 NOW OCT 10)
  4. Crew Credential (Deadline Oct 24, 2023)

Keep these deadlines in mind and plan accordingly to avoid incurring late fees!



  • Vehicle Registration EP, ES & GT - $1395
  • Late fee - $350, if vehicle is registered after the deadline

  • Vehicle Registration for ENP, E0, E1 - $795 (use code 25HOT23-600-WdD3Pd at registration)
  • Late fee - $350, if vehicle is registered after the deadline

  • Vehicle Registration for E2, E3 - $395 (use code 25HOT23-1000-SYv4RG at registration)
  • Late fee - $350, if vehicle is registered after the deadline

  • Driver Registration - $450 (A minimum of four drivers will be charged per team. If you are registering with less than four drivers, please contact Tasha,
  • Late registration - $600, if driver is registered after the deadline and/or at the track

  • Crew Credentials - $45
  • Late registration - $65, if crew is registered after the deadline and/or at the track

  • Additional Paddock Space - $1000 (For teams that need more than the allotted paddock space allocated with one entry, please contact Tasha, to purchase.)

  • RV Reservations - Turn 1 - $295. Load in on Wednesday, depart Sunday.


Registration Closes October 31, 2023!

For more details, visit


Thunderhill Raceway Park


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NASA - California - Northern Region

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