Sat, Sep 24 - Sun, Sep 25, 2022

Mount Wilson 60-inch Telescope Viewing Session

Mt. Wilson Observatory

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Mt. Wilson Observatory

View the Universe Through Mount Wilson Observatory's Historic 60-inch Telescope

Mount Wilson Observatory’s 60-inch telescope saw first light in 1908. Funded by Andrew Carnegie, the telescope was the world’s largest until the Mount Wilson 100-inch was completed in 1918. During the WWI years, Harlow Shapley used it to overturn the long accepted view that the sun was at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Shapley used the great light gathering power of the 60-inch to show that our solar system is instead half way out toward the edge of our Galaxy. The telescope was a workhorse instrument for astronomy for over half a century and used by astronomical luminaries such as Edwin Hubble, Walter Baade and Allan Sandage to unravel the secrets of stars and galaxies.

Today, the 60-inch is one of the largest telescopes in the world devoted entirely to public viewing of astronomical objects. Its large light collecting mirror and the exquisite skies over Mount Wilson provide an unrivaled and unique experience.

The Porsche Club – Grand Prix Region is pleased to announce that we have reserved a very special evening of viewing at the historic Mt. Wilson Observatory 60-inch telescope.

Here are some photos from a previous viewing session

GPX Group at Mt. Wilson 4192014

The 60-Inch Telescope

The Night Sky

Jupiter with Moon




Event requirements

Viewing Session

Important Information - Please read

Event Cost - $75.00 per person (Does not include dinner)

We are limited by the Mt. Wilson Observatory to the number of people that can attend a viewing session, so space is at a premium.  If you are interested, please register as soon as possible.  Attendees will be chosen on a first come first served basis, and there will be a waiting list.  Minimum age for attendance is 12 years old.

There is limited parking at the observatory.  Car-pooling will be required.  When registering, please let us know if you are willing to take passengers, and how many.  We will be meeting at approximately 5:00 PM (Time subject to change) at a restaurant in La Cañada before heading up the mountain.  We will be able to leave cars at the meeting place.

Information on the meeting place will be provided via e-mail one to two weeks prior to the event.  There will also be more information on “What you should know before leaving home”, and a "go or no go" phone number to call the day of the event, provided via email 2-3 weeks prior to the event.

We will be able to dine at the restaurant in La Cañada, (Dinner cost not included in $75.00 entry fee.), and/or you may bring water and snacks into the observatory.  The observatory provides hot water, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, cups and spoons.

Mount Wilson is in the San Gabriel Mountains of the Angeles National Forest of Southern California, approximately 33 miles from downtown Los Angeles. With an elevation of 5,700 ft., visitors with cardiac and respiratory concerns should be aware that access to the 60-inch dome and to the observing position at the telescope requires walking up stairs.

*** Please note that this event is being made available to a very limited number of PCA members.  This will not be one of our typical “Fun Runs”, in that we are recommending that you DO NOT drive your Porsche, unless it's a Macan, Cayenne, Panamera or Taycan.  We are recommending attendees drive a sedan or SUV to this event.  When we leave the mountain at 1:00 A.M., the roads are very dark, and there may be rocks or hazards on the roads going back down the hill.

For Questions please contact Jeff Peck at or call 310-345-8081

Attendees (13)

Fenton Taylor
Michael Ho
Edward Allen
Gisele Gonzalez
Christopher Lippman
Mark Bergman
Rob Housman
Clinton Jullens

Mt. Wilson Observatory

Mount Wilson, CA


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PCA - Grand Prix Region

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