Sat, Jul 10, 2021

Mount St. Helens Drive 2021

Cathedral Park Boat Ramp

About this event

NOTE: This event is for current BMW CCA members only. And is limited to 40 cars.

Mount St. Helens Drive 2021

July 10 @ 8:30 am

Join us for a back country run to Mount St. Helens on Saturday, July 10th!

Stage 1

We’ll meet at Cathedral Park, adjacent to the St John’s Bridge, in the large parking lot by the boat 'put in' (approximately 8800 N Bradford St, Portland, OR 97203) for our mandatory Drivers’ Orientation and to form our driving groups sharply at 9am. We’ll depart promptly and wind our way through the twisty back roads on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, avoiding Hwy 30 as much as possible. We’ll cross the river at Longview and begin a leisurely cruise through beautiful countryside heading north to Castle Rock for a bite to eat.

Stage 2

After “filling our tanks”, we’ll re-group and head up Hwy 504 to Johnston Ridge Observatory. The panoramic scenery of this drive is amazing, and gliding along the big sweepers is pure bliss for any auto enthusiast. We’ll stop for a group car photo in the Observatory’s parking area and enjoy the awesome display of nature’s power at the volcano interpretive center.


You can do one or both stages. There will be a 15-minute restroom break about halfway through each stage. Note: There are *no* gas stations between the start and Longview, and then none after Toutle on Hwy 504. So make sure you tank up before you arrive at Cathedral Park Boat Ramp in the morning!

Join us for a great drive, awesome scenery, and a glimpse at nature! 


1. All drivers MUST be pre-registered online and be a current BMW CCA member at the time of registration AND the day of the Drive. Passengers do NOT need a separate registration.

2. Face Masks are encouraged for the unvaccinated while outside of vehicles during the event. 

3. Drivers and passengers should stay with their cars until registration is complete.

4. All drivers AND passengers MUST sign the electronic waiver prior to the event.

5. Registration is limited to 40 cars.

6. Drivers meeting at 9am is mandatory.

7. Restaurants have rules/regulations for COVID safety. Face Masks may be required. Make sure you have yours handy!


Event requirements


  1. All drivers MUST be pre-registered online by 7/08 and be a current BMW CCA member. No "Day Of" participation allowed.
  2. Passengers do NOT need a separate registration, but MUST sign the online waiver.
  3. Face Masks are recommended for non-vaccinated participants while outside of vehicles during the event. 
  4. Registration is limited to 40 cars 

How it works

 It all happens on the participants’ personal phones. No physical contact required.

Step one

Request an electronic waiver via text message.

Step two

Sign the waiver using your own smartphone. No sharing required.

Step three

Show your digital credential at the event. 

Cathedral Park Boat Ramp

Portland, OR


Fun Run/Tour organized by

BMW CCA - Oregon Chapter

Event over!