Sun, Jul 9, 2023

Mini Rippers Presents: Rutted Series Round 3

Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park

About this event

Rules and regulation


*****Headsets only during practice. *****


*******No inspections we are going off good faith if caught cheating you will be banned for life from our events******




Definition Stock/Modified



STACYC STOCK CLASS: stock drivetrain required on both 12inch and 16 inch cycles. Brushless motors permitted on 16 inch Stacyc only. Must use stock sprocket size 12 inch (9 tooth) 16 inch (10 tooth).
No After Market Controllers Permitted. Stacycs must have a operating brake system. Aftermarket wheel bearings, disk brakes, handlebars, grips, levers, tires, chains,seats, will be permitted.


-After Market Handlebars, Grips, Tires, Chains, levers Sprockets & footrests permitted in all classes


MODIFIED – After market motors, Batteries & Disk Brakes are permitted only in a modified class. Anything causing speed increase.




PW50cc ROOKIE - FIRST ever series. Top 3 will move up to PW50cc ADVANCE.


PW50cc ADVANCE - Anyone with one race series under their belt. 

Event requirements

Striders All ages



12” stock 2-4 first time ever racing! 

12” stock 2-3 year olds

12” mod 2-3 year

12” stock 4-5 year olds

12” mod 4-5 year olds

12” girl stock 2-3 year olds

12” girl stock 4-5 year olds

16” stock 3-4 year olds

16” stock 5-6 year olds 

16” Stock 7-8 year olds

16” mod 3-4 year olds 

16” mod 5-6 year olds

16” mod 7-8 year olds 

16” girls stock 3-4 year olds  

16” girls stock 5-6 year olds

18” and 20” open


Moto classes:

Pw50 3-4 year olds Beginner Only first time ever racing

Pw50 3-4 year olds Beginner GIRLS Only first time ever racing

Pw50 3 year old 

Pw50 4-5 years olds

Pw50 6-7 years olds 

51cc Ktm/GasGas/husky/Cobras+ e-bikes 4-6 year olds

51cc Ktm/GasGas/husky/Cobras+ e-bikes

7-8 year olds

51cc Ktm/GasGas/husky/Cobras+e-bikes Girls open 4-5

51cc Ktm/GasGas/husky/Cobras+e-bikes Girls open 6-8

Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park

Lake Elsinore, CA


Motocross organized by

Mini Rippers

Event over!