Tue, Aug 8 - Wed, Aug 9, 2023

Mini Motofest at Jackpine Gypsies

Jackpine Gypsies

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VIP Trackside Spaces

Parking & Admission


Motorcycle Rally Race Events


  • Open to riders of all ages and experience levels. 
  • A rider's age on Jan. 1 will determine their age for remainder of the year. A rider may move to the next higher age class. Once a rider moves to the next higher age class in AMA or non-AMA competition, they may not move back to the lower age class. 


We will separate the riders into 4 groups to be fair; Beginner, Stock, Modified & Open

  • 'Beginner' is meant for the true beginner. 
  • 'Stock' is meant for bikes like you pulled it right out of the box. Stock Sprocket is Mandatory.
  • 'Modified' is for any bike modifications to give more power and/or toque. 
  • 'Open" is to allow for an additional class, open to modifications and all skill levels.


  • We will line up 6-12 wide per row, with multiple rows, depending on class size.
  • Jump Starts will go to the 3rd row, if there is a 3rd for due to rider count, jump start rider will go another row back, and so on.
  • Starter will ensure all riders are ready by walking across (right to left - center of track), take a few steps into his starter box and a green flag will be waved, from his hip position upwards towards his head and continuously waving as the start of the race begins.
  • A green flag will be waived the first lap by letting the racers know the race is good to go.


  • Green Flag - Start of race.
  • Yellow Flag - Caution, continue with care.
  • Red Flag - Stop of race. Return to Staging.
  • White Flag - 1 lap to go.
  • Checkered Flag - Finish of race.
  • White Flag with Cross - Medical
  • Blue Flag - Lappers (you are being passed by racers contending for position, MAINTAIN YOUR LINE.


  • We will have trophies for all classes 1st-3rd.
  • Classes with 10+ riders we will trophy up to 5th place.


We will follow this point structure for all of our race events.

1st 30 11th 10
2nd 25 12th 9
3rd 21 13th 8
4th 18  14h 7
5th 16 15th 6
6th 15 16th 5
7th 14 17th 4
8th 13 18th 3
9th 12 19th 2
10th 11 20th 1

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Promoter IG: @DRTracingINC | FB: /DRTracingINC | www.DRTracingINC.com

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Strider Balance Bikes Classes Offered

12" Balance Bike 3 yrs 14" Balance Bike 4 yrs
12" Balance Bike 4 yrs 14" Balance Bike 5 yrs
12" Balance Bike 5 yrs 14" Balance Bike 6 yrs
14" Balance Bike 7-8 yrs

STACYC Classes Offered

12" Stacyc 3yrs  16" Stacyc 3yrs  18" Stacyc 5 yrs 20" Stacyc 7 yrs
12" Stacyc 4yrs  16" Stacyc 4yrs  18" Stacyc 6 yrs 20" Stacyc 8 yrs
12" Stacyc 5-6yrs  16" Stacyc 5yrs 18" Stacyc 7 yrs 20" Stacyc 9 yrs
12" Stacyc Open 16" Stacyc 6yrs  18" Stacyc 8 yrs 20" Stacyc 10 yrs
12" Stacyc Girls Open 16" Stacyc 7-8yrs 18" Stacyc 9-10 yrs 20" Stacyc 11-12 yrs
16" Stacyc Open
16" Stacyc Girls Open


Motorcycle (Gas or Electric) Classes Offered

PW50 - 3 years old Micro-E (4yrs) 1kWh 51cc Jr Shaft Drive (4-6) 85cc (10-12)
PW50 - 4 years old Micro-E (5yrs) 1kWh 51cc New Racer Group 85-150cc Girls (10-16)
PW50 - 5 years old Micro-E (6yrs) 1kWh 51cc Girls Jr/Sr (4-8) 85cc (13-15)
PW50 - 6 years old Micro-E (7yrs) 1kWh 51cc Jr 10" wheel (4-6) 85cc Mini Sr 1 (12-14)
PW50 - 7-8 years old Micro-E (4-7) 1kWh 51cc Sr - 12" wheel (4-6) 85cc Mini Sr 2 (13-15)
PW50 - Open Age Micro-E Open Age 51cc Sr - 12" wheel Open Supermini Beginner
PW50 - Girls Open Micro-E Girls Open 65cc (7-9) Supermini Open Age
3 Years Old Open Micro 1 (4-6) Shaft Drive 65cc Girls (7-11) 125-250cc Schoolboy 12-16
4 Years Old Open Micro 2 (4-6) Limited 65cc (10-11) 125-250 Schoolgirl 12-16
5 Years Old Open Micro 3 (7-8) Limited
6 Years Old Open Micro 1, 2, 3 Open
7-8 Years Old Open

Big Bike Motorcycle (Flat Track Tires preferred) Classes Offered

250cc Amateur 12+ Hooligan Amateur Open Knobbies
450cc Amateur 14+ Hooligan Pro ATC 70 - 140cc and under
450cc Expert Vintage ATC 70 - 155cc and over
Open Novice RWYB Quads
Open Amateur Brakeless Adult Mini Moto Moms
Open Pro Kick-Start Adult Mini Moto Dads
30+ Pull-Start (stock) Adult Mini Moto Papas
40+ Pull-Start (modified) Adult Mini Moto Nanas
50+ Womens Family Team Race 2
Mad Dog 100cc - 190cc Industry Cup Family Team Race 4


Concessions: Yes

Photographer: Yes 

Trackside Parts: Yes 

Camping: No water or power hook-ups, dry camping only

The official registration page for the DRT Racing, Mini Motofest: Lil' Senders Mini Moto track.

Event requirements

Proper safety gear is required. (Helmets & eye protection are mandatory; gloves, elbow & knee pads are recommended)

Bikes should be prepped for dirt and in good working order. It is recommended to have a couple spare batteries.

Jackpine Gypsies

Sturgis, SD


Motorcycle Race organized by

DRT Racing

Registration closed