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Sat, May 18 - Sun, May 19, 2024

LVR-PCA HPDE @ Spring Mountain MAY

Spring Mountain

About this event

                                                                      The Las Vegas Region of the PCA Presents:

                                                                              HIgh Performance Driver Education

    Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, Pahrump, NV 

Charleston Peak Full Course

Saturday May18 - Sunday May 19, 2024


Join the Las Vegas Region of the Porsche Club of America for TWO great days of Driver Education on the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club Charleston Peak FULL Course. 

Changes and Items of Interest (ALL PLEASE READ!!):

  • Reminder - Head and neck restraints must be within 5 years of original manufacture or recertification or they will be considered expired and you will not be allowed on the track.
  • New Refund Policy - 30+ Days prior to the event, a 100% refund will be issued minus a $50 admin fee; 14 and 30 days prior to the event, a 50% refund will be issued; 0-14 Days prior to the event - No refunds or credits.
  • Taste of the Track - For only $100 (includes lunch) FEEL THE THRILL of riding on the track with an instructor behind the wheel giving you a great experience!!!!  This experience will take place Sunday, March 17th prior to lunch.  Then lunch will be provided so you can hang out with the drivers.
  • TECH INSPECTIONS - MUST BE COMPLETED BY AN APPROVED SHOP OR INDIVIDUAL WITHIN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  Bring your completed tech sheet to registration..  Tech Sheet - 2024 - National DE - PCA Las Vegas Tech Inspection Form.docx  . Approved Shop List - updated approved shop list PCA LV Sept 2023.pdf   If you do not see your shop listed, remain calm and email the shop contact information to andystahl@yahoo.com 
  • SPEEDWAIVERS - Prior to arrival at the event, all Drivers must sign the online Speedwaiver and be ready to display the completed Speedwaiver at registration.  The Speedwaiver invite will be sent separately.  The Speedwaiver is replacing the paper PCA waiver signed at registration and should speed up the check-in process.
  • DRIVER LUNCHES!!  If you want lunch for Saturday, and/or Sunday, PLEASE choose YES and then click the "+" next to Lunch Options and choose the days and what you want for lunch on those days.  Lunch is $20 per day.  
  • Our First-Time Students (Yellow Group) are required to attend Saturday and Sunday.  To ensure quality instruction and provide an effective learning experience, our HPDE Ground/Track School for our Students is only offered as a two-day package, NO Single Day registrations will be accepted

Event Description

Drive your own car on the beautiful and challenging Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club Charleston Peak Course.  This new FIA Level-3 track has fast sweeping corners, quick esses, off-camber turns, lots of elevation change and high-speed straights.  Here you will learn new driving skills or improve your existing skills in a safe and fun environment. 

New HPDE Drivers

          We Train You!  PCA Nationally Trained Instructors will help you improve your driving abilities and acquire a better understanding of vehicle dynamics and driving safety. You will experience first-hand the capabilities of high performance automobiles in a controlled, closed-course environment and acquire skills that will enhance safer vehicle operation in all driving situations.  Sound like fun?  Students will spend Saturday morning in the classroom learning about vehicle dynamics and practicing car control exercises on the skidpad.  Just before lunch, you will get the first look at the track in your car with your instructor.  After lunch, you will join your instructor on the track for the remainder of the weekend.  Caution: this adventure can become very addictive.

Experienced Drivers

          All skill levels are welcome and will be separated into three run groups (Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced) based on experience/skill level.  PCA Nationally Trained Instructors will be available to assist in learning the track configuration and/or improving your driving skills.  If you would like an instructor answer “Yes” to “Do you want an instructor?” on your registration form.


PCA HPDE events focus on SAFETY, EDUCATION and FUN!!  These events are not racing, nor preparation for racing.  No times or placings are recorded, and no awards or prizes are received by the participants of PCA Driver Education events, just a lot of fun and camaraderie.  Any conduct considered by the Porsche Club of America to be either unsafe or inconsistent with the spirit or purpose of the Driver Education Program will not be permitted.  This approach keeps the events safe for all participants!  All run groups will run with passing only by point-by, and only in designated passing zones.

Ultimately, Your safety and the safety of other participants depends primarily on the decision You make and the actions You take!  Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!!

Event Details

We run rain or shine.

Gates open at 7:00 am. The Drivers Meeting is at 7:45 a.m. and is MANDATORY for all drivers. Critical topics will be discussed including Flags, Passing Rules and Track Entry/Exit. 

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday will feature four 30-minute driving sessions each day for each run group (red, green and white).  Note: Students (yellow run group) will have a different schedule that will include classroom and car control exercises on the skidpad on Saturday.

Single Day Options

To ensure quality instruction and provide an effective learning experience, our HPDE Ground/Track School for our Students is only offered as a two-day package, NO Single Day registrations will be accepted.

  • Saturday or Sunday single day option is available to our novice, intermediate, and advanced drivers.

Two-Day Options (Best Price)

  • Saturday/Sunday two-day option is available to all drivers and is required for our students attending the ground/track HPDE school.

Registration Fees

  • Saturday/Sunday - $525
  • Saturday or Sunday - $325
  • Instructor and Driving Volunteers - $100 per day

REMINDER: Registration closes at midnight May 10, 2024. There will be no registration or fee payment taken at the track.

Sell Outs
These events have become very popular the last few seasons, and many have sold out. We also limit the number of cars in each run group for a better driver experience. Your spot in a run group will be determined by your registration date and time.

Cancellation Policy

  • 30+ Days prior to the event - 100% minus a $50 administration fee
  • 14 and 30 days prior to the event - 50% refund 
  • 0-14 Days prior to the event - No refunds or credits

Track Configuration

          Charleston Peak Full Course 3.23 mi (18 turns)


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Event requirements

Driver Requirements

  • All registered Drivers must possess and present a valid driver's license issued by their state of residence (not a learner's permit).
    • Minors (under 18) whether a registered driver or a guest, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will sign the PCA and Spring Mountain minor liability waivers at the track.
  • Drivers must wear an auto racing helmet certified to Snell SA2015 or later, or equivalent EC or FIA motorsports helmets.  Motorcycle helmets are not allowed.  Helmet rentals will not be available at the track.
  • Long pants, and practical closed-toe shoes shall be worn while engaged in car control exercises and all on-track driving sessions. Long-sleeved shirts are highly recommended.  Clothing should be made of natural or flame-retardant fibers. Please keep the heels to a minimum and to keep from sliding around in the seat please save slick leggings for yoga class.
  • Whenever there is a passenger in a car, at least one occupant must be a PCA Nationally Trained Instructor who is registered to instruct at this event.


You will be considered on a case by case basis for this event based on a review of your experience by our DE team.  To be considered, you need to have a significant amount of recent, incident-free, and verifiable on-track HPDE driving experience with well-known event organizers.

We will have PCA Nationally Trained Instructors available to assist you in learning the track and for check-out rides (required for drivers who have not run with LVR-PCA and/or at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club).  Charleston Peak is very technical – expect a complicated layout.  There are blind turns, several look the same, many have very late apexes and there are very few landmarks.  Even recognizing that people learn new tracks at different rates, Charleston Peak is a very hard track to learn.  If in doubt, request an instructor.

If you think you have the experience to run in a solo DE at Spring Mountain on Charleston Peak, please follow the directions EXACTLY under “Guest Driver/Student Waiver Policy” below.

Guest Driver/Student Waiver Policy:
If you have not previously attended a LVRPCAHPDE event, you are considered a Student unless you have previously completed our Yellow group Ground/Track School, and run two incident-free events with us, or had formal racetrack oriented driving instruction, such as a two or three day paid performance driving school at Ron Fellows, Skip Barber, Bob Bondurant, Porsche Track Experience, or equivalent academy, or a formal two day HPDE ground/track school with the Porsche Club of America, Audi Club, BMW Club, or equivalent.
For experienced intermediate and advanced drivers, this requirement may be waived. To obtain the Student Waiver, experienced drivers must have significant, appropriate experience, and be endorsed by other track organizations or PCA regions.

  • By "significant" we mean more than just a few events,
  • By "appropriate" we mean that such experienced drivers must be able to function in a Driver's Education environment (as opposed to racing) where drivers are given lots of room, passing is via "point-bys," courteous driving is expected and risky behavior is not tolerated.
  • By "endorsed" we mean that an official from the other driving organization(s) must be able to provide their opinion of your safe behavior on the track and ability to follow event protocol.

If you feel you are a good candidate for a Student Waiver, please follow these directions EXACTLY:
A. Update your driving experience resume in your Motorsportsreg profile.  Be as detailed as possible to give us a good initial review of your track driving experience.

B. Register for the event, so we can look at your MotorsportReg registration history and your profile with your previous experience. Then, within 12 hours of your registration, YOU MUST send an email to Lisa DiSabatino at: eightballfdc@gmail.com to alert us of your request. In your email, please introduce yourself, tell us about your previous track driving experience and approximate dates, the tracks you've run on, and clubs you've run with. If you are a PCA member, include your PCA member number and primary region of record. If you are also a PCA Nationally Trained Instructor please tell us and include your PCA Instructor number.
If you don't send us this
REQUIRED email, you will not be considered to attend the event.
If there's nothing about previous track experience in your MotorsportReg profile, your request will be not considered.

C. If requested, have an official from the other driving organization (as similar to PCA as possible) provide information about your driving experience and their endorsement of your safe behavior on the track and ability to follow event protocol.

Your request and supporting information will be reviewed by the DE team and we will inform you whether your Student requirement has been waived.

Overly aggressive driving will not be tolerated.- This decision will be made by any member of the DE or Spring Mountain team.

Vehicle Requirements

  • All makes and models are welcome.  You bring and drive your own vehicle.  PCA does not rent or loan vehicles.
  • Your vehicle must be in excellent mechanical condition.
  • A Tech Review Form must be completed prior to the event and brought with you.  This form will be presented at check-in/registration in the classroom. 2023 - National DE - Tech Inspection Form - LVR blank.pdf
  • In addition to your tech inspection, a safety inspection will be performed at the track.
  • Occupants in cars that are race-prepped with a full cage, or have had the interior removed, must wear a SFI or FIA approved fire resistant driving suit that conforms to PCA Club Racing rules. See PCA Zone 8 Rule Book for suit specifications. If we declare the event as a "hot day," you must still wear the fire-resistant driving suit mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.
  • All convertibles and “open” cars must have roll bars unless equipped with factory "pop-up" rollover protection, such as Porsche Boxsters and newer Carrera Cabriolets. Convertibles must run with the top closed - this includes T-tops, Targa tops and sunroofs. Face shields or protective goggles are required in all open cars and cars without a windshield.
  • Arm restraints are required for all open top cars.
  • Equal safety restrains (seat belts, air bags, seats, etc.) are required for the driver and passenger (instructor).
  • Head and neck restraints are required for all occupants in harness-equipped vehicles. Safety Check staff will be checking head and neck restraints expiration dates. 
    • Head and neck restraints are required for all five- or six-point harnesses. The same type of restraint system is required for both driver and passenger.
    • Harnesses are required to be SFI or FIA approved for competition and mounted in the manufacturer's approved configuration. Any harness approved for PCA Club Racing is acceptable when installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. Evidence of this approval must be provided by the driver, if necessary. We will be checking expiration dates on harness systems at the Safety Check. We recognize five-year FIA expiration cycles... if your harnesses are more than five years old, they'll be expired.
  • If you are running stock/DOT approved 3-point restraint system (stock seat belts) additional head and neck restraints are not required.
  • The Las Vegas Region PCA will not rent/provide head and neck restraint systems. Participants must provide their own systems if required.
  • A Tech Review Form will be required to be completed prior to the event and brought with you to the track to present at check-in/registration 2023 - National DE - Tech Inspection Form - LVR blank.pdf

We look forward to seeing you at Spring Mountain!









Entries (24)

Steven Royce
Terry Nelson
John Takehara
Ryan Rasar
Jason Scott
Curt Richardson
Howard Kendall
Bryan Davis

Spring Mountain

Pahrump, NV
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HPDE organized by

PCA - Las Vegas

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LVR-PCA HPDE @ Spring Mountain MAY

Sat, May 18 - Sun, May 19, 2024