Sun, Nov 24, 2024

Lotus Club - Big Willows November 24, 2024

Streets of Willow Springs

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THis event at Big Willows is not yet open for registration and the info below is not accurate.  This information will be updated soon.




Lotus Club of Southern California is holding a track day at Willow Springs on the Big track November 24, 2024


  Anyone who has run with us knows that LCOSC event attendees are sure to have an awesome track day with all the track time a driver could ever hope for. With only three run groups and low car counts per group, we offer two normal track days' worth of driving time in one event, with much less traffic! This event wil be capped to 16 cars per run group.

Reasons to run with us:

·     LOW car counts per run group. Ever get frustrated that your track time is just spent in traffic? Each of our groups are capped at lower car counts than what other organizations run. Drivers at LCOSC events are sure to be able to find plenty of clear track.

·     LOW total car count. Not only do we run low car counts per group, we also run only three total run groups! This means that you’ll get an hour of track time in the morning, and over an hour in the afternoon. If you run all the sessions, you'll end up with more than 2.5 hours of driving time for the day, double of what most organizations offer!

·     SAFE AND FRIENDLY environment. We’re a club that emphasizes track safety. If you’re a beginner looking to just begin tracking, we help provide coaching and an environment you’ll be comfortable with. If you’re a seasoned driver, our low key atmosphere ensures a fun filled day.

Pricing is $210 for members and $230 for nonmembers, if you register before January 13. Pricing changes to $230 for members and $250 for nonmembers on January 14. If you are not a LCOSC or GGLC family member, you can become a LCOSC member for $25 when you sign up and take the member discount immediately.

We will be running Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced run groups. Advanced Group is for experienced drivers with 15+ track days/racing experience or equivalent who are comfortable with open passing conditions (although point-bys are always encouraged). Intermediate Group is for drivers with a minimum of 5 track days experience who are comfortable with point-by passing anywhere on track. Novice Group is open to all drivers and will be point-by passing only on the main straight and other designated zones. Drivers with no track experience should register in Novice and e-mail to request a private coach.

We have a low registration limit to ensure the best possible track day experience, so register now!  We hope to see you on track!


Which track configuration are you running? - CW.

When's the driver's meeting? - In the paddock at 8:00 am the day of the event.

Are there restrictions on cars? - All types of cars are welcome to attend.  Formula cars will be allowed in the advanced group only.  Convertibles must have roll-over protection that mounts at four points.  No "Style Bars" will be accepted.  Factory installed roll hoops are acceptable.

How do I tech my car? - We will not conduct a tech inspection on your car. You are solely responsible for the safety of your car.

What helmet do I need? - Helmets are required and must be Snell SA2015 or later.

Can I bring a passenger? - Passengers are welcome to ride along as long as they sign the event waiver, wear a helmet that meets our requirements, are 16 years or older, the vehicle has the appropriate safety systems to safely carry a passenger, and the driver does not have a full time LCOSC coach.

What if I need to cancel? - We will run the event rain or shine. Full refund cancellations will be allowed thru January 13 (three weeks before event). After January 13, we will only provide a credit if we are not losing money on the event AND we are able to fill your spot with someone on the waitlist. Any credits provided will be good for one year from the cancellation date.

Are there any other fees? - There is a gate fee of $20.00 per person. Yes, it is per person. Kids 10 and under are free.

Is there fuel onsite? - Yes.

  • 91 octane - $9.00 per gallon
  • 101 octane VP unleaded - $9.99 per gallon
  • 110 octane VP leaded - $10.00 per gallon

Do you rent helmets? - Yes. We have a limited supply of helmets for $25 that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Do you rent transponders? - No.

Event requirements

This event will run rain or shine. 

You are solely responsible for the safety of your car.  We may choose to inspect cars for safety at any time for any reason.  Damaged body work, missing or primered paint, and other issues will warrant us to make a special inspection.  Lemon's type cars are welcome but will receive a special safety inspection at the track.  Any size water, brake fluid, or fuel leaks will disqualify you. 

You are responsible for any damage you cause to the track or facilities.  Any extra charges from the track for cleanup, fire, damage, etc may be charged back to you and we will decide this on  a case-by-case basis.

All cars must have numbers on both sides of the cars for Identification.  Pick any number.  Digits must be 6” tall minimum.

Helmets must be rated SA2015 or later.  Motorcycle helmets are not allowed.  Eye protection required for open cars.  Head and neck restraint systems (HANS) are STRONGLY recommended for all drivers and passengers.  If you are using a 4, 5, or 6 point harness then a head and neck restraint system is required.  If you are not wearing a HANS you are much more likely to break your neck with a 4-point harness compared to a 3-point belt seat belt.   Watch this short video if you don't believe me.  

Streets of Willow Springs

Rosamond, CA


Open Track organized by

Golden Gate Lotus Club

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