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King of The Heap! Enduro??!?!?

NCM Motorsport Park

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King of the Heap at NCM Motorsports Park 

King of the Heap is team-based lapping program for “Heap” $1000 cars and teams of 4 drivers.

KOTH will consist of: 

The 2 Mile West Track Time Trial Enduro is both a morning event and an afternoon event for a total of 4 hours on track!

Entry is $450 per team, per event. 

Garage and RV reservations can be made Here.

Event requirements


King of the Heap at NCM Motorsports Park 

King of the Heap is team-based lapping program for “Heap” $1000 cars and teams of 4 drivers.

KOTH will consist of: 

The 2 Mile West Track Time Trial Enduro is both a morning event and an afternoon event for a total of 4 hours on track!`


The team is required to complete at least 45 laps during each two-hour enduro. THIS IS NOT WHEEL TO WHEEL RACING this is a time trial, so work together and have fun on the track. Each team must field 4 drivers, if not all drivers record a lap then the team will not be scored. The morning and afternoon events are scored and awarded separately. 45 laps are the minimum for each event and are covered by the team entry fee for each enduro, any laps in excess of 45 are free :) All driver changes, vehicle repairs and refueling are to be done in the paddock, not on hot pit, no exceptions. 


All base Vehicles are valued at $1000 –  The Race Director can, at any time, determine that a vehicle is outside the spirit of the rules, to which the team CAN participate but will be scored as Exhibition, and not be awarded points, or recognized in the end of event official results.

Vehicles must have all body panels present to participate.

Vehicles must have a windshield.

Vehicles must have a seatbelt, OEM or 5 point + with current safety rating

Vehicles must use the 560+ Treadwear tire with no manufacture requirement or Cole Trickle's spares. TIrepaw Tires are not subject to any treadwear requirement. 

Vehicles cannot use a tire wider than the OEM base model of the specific chassis

Vehicles must meet a 95db at 50 ft sound limit. IE OEM Exhaust. Sound Violation will result in event DQ and forfeiture of participation in the remainder of event.

Vehicles must not leak fluids excessively

Snell SA2015 or newer helmet, long pants, closed-toe shoes, and a foam neck collar (on-road course) required 

Events will be run rain, shine, or snow. Race Directors Discretion

Convertibles are allowed

Cars with high rollover risk are prohibited. IE Ford Exploder, Stewards Discretion

Nitrous is not allowed in any form or fashion on participating vehicles. 

The battery cannot be relocated and must be securely fastened in OEM location

Transponders will be mounted on the rear bumper of all vehicles. The replacement cost of damaged or not returned Transponders is $499. 

A Team may only bring 1 car per event.

The Ford Probe is no longer banned from entry.

Everything that happens during KOTH is at Stewards Discretion. I reserve the right to enforce or not enforce anything as I see fit, as well as issue penalties as my imagination sees fit.

If you have any questions about a vehicle or parts legality – please email



All drivers must attend the driver's meeting before being allowed to participate.


At check in, a Tech form for the vehicle will be filled out by the team captain, all drivers must sign and submit a helmet and harness form as well as a facility waiver.


Wristbands will be issued to the team captain, each wristband has a unique number. Vehicles will be assigned a 3 digit number, numbers will be issued at check-in and must be put on the vehicle in a visible place. The wristband numbers will correspond to the vehicle number in sequence – IE “Team NCM – Vehicle #100, Driver A: wristband number 101, Driver B: 102, Driver C: 103, Driver D: 104”

Drivers will show their wristband number to the grid-worker so timing can be assigned to that wristband number. If every assigned wristband number does not register a valid time on either course, the team will be DQ’d for that event and will not receive any points.


After the drivers meeting, teams can report to their respective paddock spots.


King of the Heap Event Schedule



Check-In Opens


Mandatory Drivers Meeting


Morning Enduro Starts!


Track closes for Lunch and vehicle repair


Afternoon Enduro Starts!


Track closes


"Awards" and I use that term loosely. 

Strike system:

All teams participating in KOTH will be subject to a strike system. Strikes will be given for incidents, strikes are assigned to the team, not the driver!


3 strikes and the vehicle will not be allowed on any competition surface for the remainder of the day. One driver CAN earn 3 strikes in one session!!!!


Actions earning strikes: Spins, 2 off, 4 off, passing without a point by, any type of impact or contact, hitting an excessive amount of cones.


If you let a driver from another team drive your vehicle, strikes will be assigned to the CAR NUMBER, not the offending driver.

When a strike is assigned, the vehicle will get a DNF for that entire session, no times will be recorded for the offending vehicle.

If vehicle to vehicle contact occurs, the offending party will have their team DQ’d and disallowed to participate for the rest of the event.

Organizers can disallow any vehicle from participation at any time at their discretion.


Point-bys are mandatory – all vehicles should have operating drivers side windows to facilitate point-bys. If a vehicle passes another without a point by, a strike will be earned.

Paddock speed is a strict 15 mph – No warnings

Entries (28)

Charlie Hamilton
Brandon Vincent
wes kawaja
Michael Harbeson
Gene Patient
Kyle Stoudt
Liam Parkes
Dwight Williford

NCM Motorsport Park

Bowling Green, KY
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