Sat, Nov 25, 2023

Fall Colors Navigational Scatter

Handy Andy Park

About this event

The Keep Your Distance Rally is a shortest distance rally (no timing). You will be given a set of waypoints to go through. The car that takes the shortest distance to complete the course wins.

We use the MiRally Rabbit app and transponders to measure you distance.

Cost: $10

Start: Fireman's Park, Chaska, MN -  6PM

End: Ridges at Sand Creek, Jordan, MN - Should take an hour to complete.

Course starts in Hennepin county. You may go through Carver, Sibley and Scott counties.

You can use whatever technology you want. Maps, Google, your phone, whatever. We provide nothing other than the points you must pass.

Measurement starts when you exit the parking lot and ends at the Pickled Pig.

Place the Transponder in a location with a clear view to the sky.


You must find and pass by the following places.

Given at Registration...

Event requirements

You are responsible for insuring the following are in order:
Headlights (high and low beams) and parking lights
Taillights and brake lights
Horn, windshield wipers and directional signals
Rear-view mirrors
Foot brakes and parking brake

Handy Andy Park

Spring Valley, WI


Road Rally organized by

Twin City Rally Club LLC

Event over!