Tue, Sep 12, 2023

Kartplex RMAX League Race October 1, 2023

Area 27 Motorsports Park

About this event

Bring your Sneakers and your inner SPEED DEMON… KARTPLEX provides the rest!



-The winner of the Rmax class will receive a 60 minute coaching session on us!

-Pit Pass Fee of $19 to be added to be paid upon arrival on-site

-Affordable (no need to own a Kart)

-Must have driven an Rmax kart at our facility

-ARRIVE + DRIVE (no wrenches, no dirty hands)

-Professionally Run Event (No Dangerous or Unsportsmanlike driving tolerated)

-Precise Timing and Scoring (Accurate results)

-Trophies for each Event (Bling Bling) 

-Join other kart racers from around the region during our combined Club/League Race Events




Event requirements

You must have visited our facility before driven the TB Rmax prior to the race event on October 1, 2023



Area 27 Motorsports Park

Oliver, BC
Download track map
Download track map


Karting organized by

Kartplex@Area 27

Event over!