Sat, Feb 12, 2022

Intro to Drift | Non-Member Only

Panthera Training Facility

About this event

Intro to Drift Program for Non-SMA Members. 

Arrival at 8:30AM & Departure at 4:00PM.

5% of the time in Classroom. 95% of the time behind the wheel with a Professional Instructor(s). 

Lodging is available.

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Event requirements

No experience preferred for this Intro to Drift Course. No age limit - parental consent form will need to be signed for ages under 18. 

Please bring a 2-5lb fire extinguisher. Bring your own SFI-rated Helmet 2010+ Rating. Sanitized Loaner Helmets are available, if needed.

Vehicle should be up to date on maintenance and have no leaks. It is highly recommended to have a thorough Pre-Event Inspection including a Nut & Bolt check prior to attending. E-mail if you have questions.

Vehicle will need to be Rear-Wheel-Drive. Manual Transmission preferred, and have a Limited Slip Differential. VLSD, clutch type LSD, gear type LSD and Torsen LSD are okay if they are in good condition. No open differential cars. 

Panthera Training Facility

Old Fields, WV


Driver School organized by

Spirit Motorsports Academy

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