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InterMarque Kickoff Classic Rally

Twin City Rally Club LLC

Saturday, May 16, 2015
Spring Kick Off, Osseo, MN

Registration closed May 16, 2015 2:30 PM on May 16, 2015 2:30 PM CDT Registration ends May 16, 2015 2:30 PM on May 16, 2015 2:30 PM CDT Registration opens April 1, 2015 12:00 AM on April 1, 2015 12:00 AM CDT Registration runs from April 1, 2015 12:00 AM to May 16, 2015 2:30 PM

Rally starts in Oseeo, MN after the InterMarque Spring Kickoff show. It will be a short very easy rally of about 40 miles. Should be lots of fun, afterwards have a few beverages and swap tales of the day at the Sundance Golf & Bowl. . The rally is open to both classic and Modern cars. Separate awards for classic/modern.

Info on the show can be found here

TCRC/InterMarque Members $20 per car.

Guests $25 per car.



The format we are using for this rally is intended to provide you with an enjoyable drive in the country and some basic rally challenge. We hope you enjoy the afternoon.


Official time for this rally will be synchronized to WWV. An official clock will be available at registration. Make sure that your watch is set to the official time.

The schedule for this rally is based on the time for Car Zero. The CZT (car zero time) will be specified in most of the instructions. Your scheduled time to leave that point is calculated by adding your car number to the minutes of the CZT.

Example: If the CZT is 3:35:00, and you are Car 7, your time to leave that point is 3:42:00.


The following special terms will be used in the instructions for this rally. All other terms should be interpreted per common English usage.

Cast - Change Average Speed To .... ( miles per hour )

STOP - an official octagonal stop sign at which the rally car is obliged to stop

STOP AHEAD - an official diamond shaped sign warning that you are approaching a STOP. It may have the words STOP AHEAD, or be a graphic representation.

T - An intersection shaped like the letter T as approached from the bottom


The route instructions are very easy to follow. Instructions will be presented in four columns, as shown in the sample instructions. Each instruction will be accompanied by the official mileage. A mileage followed by " /0.00 " indicates that the official mileage reverts to zero. There are no traps. Spelling should be correct, but there is always a chance that a sign has changed or is missing.

Just do what the instruction tells you to do.

The correct course at each intersection is determined by applying the following priority list in the order shown.

1. Proceed as directed by the numbered instruction. 2. Leave the intersection on the paved road.
3. Proceed as straight as possible.

Roads marked "DEAD END" or "NO OUTLET" do not exist. Unpaved roads may be referenced in the instructions, but you will not have to drive on any of them.

Text enclosed in quotation marks, such as " SPEED LIMIT 45 ", refers to text on a sign. Text enclosed in parenthesis, such as ( One Lane Bridge ), is intended to be helpful.



The object of the rally is to arrive at the checkpoints exactly on time. There are 4 checkpoints, which are identified with a mileage in the route instructions. A CZT may be specified.

The timing line at each checkpoint will be identified by an orange checkpoint sign on the right
side of the road. You will be timed when your front tires pass the sign.
DO NOT STOP at the sign. The workers will be located a short distance down the road, and you should stop next to them to get your timing sticker. Place the sticker in the appropriate box on your scorecard. You are then free to continue along the course.

Stopping is not permitted within 100 feet of the checkpoint sign. We recommend that you pass the sign at a speed of at least 20 MPH to insure accurate timing.


Scoring will be based on your arrival time at the checkpoints. Penalties will be assessed as follows:

Each 1 second early or late at a checkpoint Stopping within sight of a checkpoint Maximum score at any checkpoint

1 point 30 points 120 points

If you find that you are behind schedule at the instruction prior to a checkpoint, calculate how late
you are and circle the appropriate time on a delay form. Add the delay time to your original scheduled time, and leave that point at the new time. Hand in the delay form at the checkpoint.
No form, No delay, No Exceptions! If you are more than 30 minutes later than the CZT, the checkpoint crews will probably be gone. Just keep following the instructions and enjoy the drive.


The most important thing for you to do is to get your watch set properly. Official time will be available at registration, and you should adjust your watch to match it exactly.

Getting good scores should be easy. If you leave the previous instruction on time, you can drive at the average speed and you will arrive at the checkpoint very close to the correct time. All of the checkpoints are less than 2 miles from the previous instruction, so you shouldn't be off by very much.

The rally will take about an hour to complete. There are no facilities (rest rooms or gas) along the course, so please take care of those things before you leave the start.

Have a great time! See you at the finish in the Sports Bar at Sundance Golf and Bowl. If you need to reach Dave, his cell phone number is 612-834-3688. 

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Twin City Rally Club LLC

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Spring Kick Off
Location Osseo, MN
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