Sun, Sep 10, 2023

Inaugural Road Rally

Amelia Island Soccer Club

About this event

Buccaneer Region SCCA Inaugural Road Rally

We are excited to host the first ever Buccaneer Region SCCA road rally! This first event will be a “GTA” or “gimmick” road rally in the style of a “poker run”. Each car will drive on paved public roads to a specific checkpoint using their own GPS navigation where they will draw a playing card from a deck of cards and be given an envelope with the next checkpoint’s address. This will continue until the participants reach the final destination, a restaurant where scoring, awards, and lunch will be available (you are responsible for purchasing your own food, we encourage everyone to eat and support the location). 

Any car is allowed, such that it meets all Florida and Georgia state laws and is insured to meet those state’s minimum requirements. A valid driver's license and proof of insurance will be required at on-site registration

There will not be any official classes or required car numbers for this event. Each car is allowed as many people as there are seatbelts in the vehicle, but it is recommended that each car have at least 2 people, a driver and a navigator, such that teams can participate in the optional quizzes that will be provided at each checkpoint. There will be a starting location, five (5) checkpoints, followed by a finishing location. 

Online registration is required to attend, there will be no on-site registration available. This event is rain or shine!

Starting Location: Amelia Island Soccer Club (3243 Bailey Rd, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034)
Finishing Location: Steamboat Lilly's (551429 US-1, Hilliard, FL 32046)
Registration Fee: $20 for SCCA members, $40 for non-SCCA members (weekend membership required)
Estimated Duration: 83 miles, 2-2.5hrs in duration including time to pick your card and examine the envelope contents. Breaks are allowed along the way at your leisure. 
Required Equipment: Modern smart phone with Google Maps (or the like), or equivalent GPS device capable of entering a street address. 


Event Schedule:

Friday September 8th 11:59pm - Online event registration closes
Sunday September 10th 9:30am - On-site check in opens
Sunday September 10th 10:00am - First car out
Sunday September 10th 12:15pm (estimated) - First car arrives
Sunday September 10th 1:00pm (estimated) - Award ceremony




Welcome to our inaugural road rally, created by the Buccaneer Region SCCA. The idea of this rally is to introduce participants to the idea of SCCA road rally in a fun, game (gimmick) manner. You will start at the specified location and cars will leave 60 seconds apart from one another, eventually ending at the specified location. Along the way, participants will have the opportunity to answer questions to provide some entertainment for the passengers. The idea is to have some fun with your car and gather for a social event at the end. 

At check in, participants will be given an envelope that contains the first checkpoint’s name and street address, along with a few questions that we encourage you to answer related to things you should see along that leg of the rally. Participants will enter the checkpoint address into their GPS or cell phone and follow the instructions it states to reach the destination. This is not a timed event and you must obey all local posted traffic laws - including the speed limits!
If you are given a citation for any reason while participating, your entry will be disqualified and no scores provided. 

The rally has 6 total legs. At each checkpoint the participants will select a card from a deck of cards, and be provided with a new envelope containing the next checkpoint’s name and address, along with a new set of questions for that leg. The entrant enters the newly provided street address into their GPS and continues on. It is encouraged that the questions provided are read prior to leaving the checkpoint as you never know when the answers may appear! 

As this event is a “poker run”, the participant’s “poker hand” will determine the winner. In the event of a tie, the total number of correct answers to the questions will be used as the tie breaker. 

Please drive carefully. Obey the speed limit at all times. Anyone receiving a citation, of any kind, will be disqualified. All roads used are paved and open to the public. Use extra caution in residential and congested areas.


Event requirements

A valid drivers license and vehicle insurance is required for each vehicle (driver) at onsite checkin. 

Please read carefully:

If you are registering yourself for the first time, and you will be paying for the event entry, please choose Option 1 on the order form and follow the prompts.

If you are registering as a co-entrant and your partner has already registered, please choose Option 2 on the order form.

If you do not already have a account, click the 'Create New Account' button below. You will be asked to input your member number and Region of Record.  This is your SCCA Membership number and home region. You must have this information in your user profile to avoid needing a weekend membership for this event. (Also, make sure your user name matches exactly as it appears on your SCCA Membership card... otherwise, the member verifaction process will not validate your membership.)


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Amelia Island Soccer Club

Fernandina Beach, FL


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