Sun, Jan 1 - Sun, Dec 31, 2023

HCKC Annual Membership 2023

Hill Country Kart Club

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-- Important-- - The GATE CODES will be emailed to you when you complete the checkout process, minor forms will be available at the track and must be completed on an annual basis. To simplify the application process you may just complete the options on this page and agree to the HCKC terms as outlined below. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE EMAIL

HCKC Track Layout - Print the Draft of 2023 Schedule - DRAFT2023HCKCSchedule.pdf

NKA Rules regarding kart safety - see club website for general rules

We recommend that everyone involved with your racing team watch this short video regardless of class raced -

Please see Racing Classes – Hill Country Kart Club This page will contain rule changes, and completed club votes.

You will also receive email updates from HCKC through this system, this will include: race schedules, weather alerts, work parties, special events, etc.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to the track for practice from the hours of 9am to dusk (please no later than 9pm, does not include the use of lights)
  • Access to purchase pit spots (ask in advance or at the track)
  • Voting privileges at the general membership meetings
  • Annual Awards, champ points, Annual payout (top 3 each class) in form of gift certificates - larger classes have great payouts! In 2017 LO206 had over $700 in funds for payout, the larger your class the better the awards.
  • Series Awards and special events

By completing this online registration you agree to the terms listed below and in the final email confirmation.

Event requirements

  • No Driving in the Pits, you may only drive out from the hot-grid.
  • Do not start karts on the stand as rotating tires are a hazard to kids that are walking around the pits (yourself and/or spectators).  Karts may be started in the controlled hot-grid, all karts must have a driver in the seat to prevent run-away karts (no exceptions).
  • All track and NKA safety gear requirements must be followed at all times.  No shorts, flip-flops, etc!
  • No bikes, scooters, skates, rollerblades in the pits - period!

IMPORTANT FOR PRACTICE (due to complaints in 2022 we need members to help others follow the following practice format)

  • For practice please use the following time schedule when the track is busy, if you have the track to yourself please practice at will.
  • Kid Karts should always be given the track to themselves, ideally at the top of each hour. Due to massive speed differences kid karts should never be on the track with other kart classes, serious incidents may occur so please help our youngest group get the time and space they need.
  • Cadet Karts can practice after kid karts, ideally 10 minutes past each hour.
  • Jr Karts ideally 25 minutes past the hour.
  • Sr Karts ideally start around 35 minutes past the hour, non-rookie Jr karts may also use this time slot.

Attendees (161)

Trevor Underwood
Dean Bruce
Francisco Molinar
Thomas Traylor
Steven Larsen
Robert Arana
Tory Turner
Garrett Jordan

Hill Country Kart Club

New Braunfels, TX
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Download track map


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Hill Country Kart Club

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HCKC Annual Membership 2023

Sun, Jan 1 - Sun, Dec 31, 2023