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GVC Catskill Mountain HPDE 2022

New York Safety Track (NYST)

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Tons of Open Lapping!!

More than 7 hours of open lapping per day

Instructed Run group for Lower Intermediate Drivers!

Come experience the track with a skilled instructor to help you.

GVC Mountain Top HPDE 
at the 
New York Safety Track


Tired of riding out the pandemic? Enjoy late summer driving in the Catskills. Looking for a little driving fun?

Join GVC for a two-day HPDE in the beautiful Catskill Mountains! 

This technically challenging circuit offers a great opportunity to develop your high performance driving skills. 


In car Instruction and Coaching!!

We (GVC) offer in-car instruction and coaching (driver and instructor) at HPDE’s, as well as other dual-occupant driving events (e.g., driving tours, safety schools) under the following circumstances:

Both occupants in the car have been fully vaccinated and are at least 14 days after second or booster Pfizer/Bio-N-tech or Moderna Covid-19 vaccination, or 28 days after Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccination.

Proof of vaccination status or cohabitation is required for any participant wishing to take advantage of in-car instruction.  Proof of vaccination can be in the form of a digital photo of the completed vaccination card (both sides), a valid NYS Excelsior Pass, or equivalent.  At event check-in, those with proof of vaccination or cohabitation will be provided a unique wristband in addition to the usual run group wristband.  You must wear both to participate in dual-occupant in-car activities.

Please submit proof of vaccination to Sean Grant at least one week in advance of the event.

In-car instruction is completely optional

To Opt-in, you must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination information. 

To Opt-out, please inform the registrar (Sean Grant, see above) that you wish to utilize Lead/Follow instruction at least one week prior to the event.

For instructors and advanced drivers qualified to run solo (see below), there will be two run groups, fast and faster, which will alternate on track each day.  You assign yourself to one or the other run group according to your preferred pace and comfort level.  Regardless of which run group you choose initially, after a couple sessions running separately, all drivers in these groups have the option to drive in either group at any time when the track is "green" as long as appropriate respect is paid to the run group's pace and "culture". All standard BMW CCA safety protocols and passing rules will be in effect. Instructors available by special arrangement for lappers new to NYST.

Intermediate students drive separately in their own run group along with their assigned instructors in the morning and right after lunch.  Additional sessons in the morning and afternoon will be provided running in the open lapping session with your instuctor to gain experince with other groups. Classroom sessions are scheduled between track sessions each day.  Fundamentals of vehicle dynamics and high-performance driving techniques will be presented by a senior classroom instructor in an interactive format encouraging student participation.


To be confirmed for this event, drivers must satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

  • GVC HPDE Run Groups:

    • Open Lapping: GVC Group S, Instructors, Advanced, and Upper Intermediate

    • Instructed Run Group: Novices and Lower Intermediate Drivers

  • Instructors:  MSF-certified Level 1 or 2 instructors, as well as "legacy" GVC Instructors in good standing.

  • Club racers: Amateur racers with valid competition licenses.

  • PCA: Solo-qualified drivers (White or Black run group).

Please be sure your motorsportreg logbook is up to date.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for the lapping group, please email the GVC registrar Sean Grant .

To keep crowding at this track to a minimum, spectators are not allowed.  However, each participant may be accompainied by no more than two "crew members".  All such non-driving attendees must sign the GVC waiver immediately upon arrival.

Registration and fees:

Two Day: $499 for Lapping, $449 for Instructed Group 

Advanced Data Coaching add-on:  $250 (both days, includes use of AiM Solo 2 data logger).  Solo drivers only.

One Day (Wednesday or Thursday):  $299 for Lapping, $249 for Instructed Group

***************************New Pricing $70 for 2 days of Advanced Data Coaching******************************************

Advanced Data Coaching add-on:  $70 (includes use of AiM Solo 2 data logger)

New York State Covid-19 requirements:
Compliance with current Covid-19 requirements from New York State will be required at all times while at the racetrack.  Participants must provide their own masks and other PPE as necessary.  Regulations and travel restrictions vary week to week based on case loads; all participants will be informed about what is permitted and required as we approach the date of the event.  More info here:

Event requirements

This is a Genesee Valley Chapter BMW CCA event.  

Vehicle and driver requirements must comply with BMW CCA and GVC driving event standards detailed on the GVC website:

All track vehicles are required to undergo a technical inspection within the month prior to the event.  If the vehicle is used for any other track event(s) between this inspection and our event, it must be re-inspected.  Inspections must be performed by a qualified individual or shop using the GVC pre-event tech form, which must be signed by both the inspector AND the participant and submitted at or before event check-in.   Click here to download the form:  GVC Tech Form Rev C 2022-07.pdf

Drivers are solely responsible for the safe condition of their vehicles, and for any damages to track property during the event.

IMPORTANT:  GVC’s policy* for cars equipped with automatic “crash avoidance systems” (CAS)

Systems may go by different names depending on manufacturer, but they all have the same basic function.  The two systems of most concern are:  1) Collision warning/automatic braking systems designed to prevent rear-end collisions at highway speeds; and 2) Active lane-keeping assistants that generate audible and tactile warnings, and in some cases, actively apply counter-steer, to prevent an unsafe lane change when the driver takes no action.  When operational, these systems are widely considered to be unsuitable in conditions typically encountered on a racetrack at HPDE events.

Therefore, cars equipped with either or both these systems will be allowed on track ONLY if the systems are completely shut down and remain down until the ignition is turned off .  Vehicles in which such systems are “hardwired”, and therefore cannot be manually turned off, are not permitted on track at our driving schools.

If these shut-down procedures are followed to the letter, we have been assured that CAS-equipped cars will be safe and compatible with the HPDE track environment.

*Please note that the policy outlined herein applies only to Genesee Valley Chapter driving events, and does not necessarily represent national policy of the BMW Car Club of America or it’s affiliated chapters.

† We have been assured by BMWNA that these systems can be completely shut off by the driver on all current BMW models. 

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New York Safety Track (NYST)

Harpersfield, NY


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BMW CCA - Genesee Valley Chapter

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