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GT Track Days
Fri, Aug 28 - Sun, Aug 30, 2015

GT Track Days

NCM Motorsport Park

About this event

Welcome to GTTrackDays @ NCM Motorsports Park

Join us for an  exciting three day event at one of the worlds best and newest road racing venues. We are reserving the Grand Full Course all 24 turns!!!

Registration WILL OPEN 10/25/14 @ 10:00 AM  :

Early bird discount 10/25/14 to 3/15/15 three days $675 or two days  $495.  Single day registration will open only if the event is not sold out on 6/1/15.

Be one of the first twenty five to register and get a $50 gift certificate towards the purchase of a set of 4 tires from GT Racing Tires.

Registration from 3/15//15 to the event will be three days for $699 or two days for $525

Note two day registrations must be consecutive: Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. Friday and Sunday will not be allowed.

Overnight camping will be allowed for a fee of $75 for 3 nights [Thursday,Friday,Saturday ] or $50 for 2 nights [Friday & Saturday ].

Thursday evening after 5:30 PM trucks and trailers may be dropped off. Those with prepaid camping permits are welcome to stay the night.

We may be able to walk the track until sundown. An email blaster will confirm prior to the event.

Single day registration is now open.  Novices will  NOT be accepted.



The Ultimate VIP Track Day Experience!

The package includes:

Prefferred parking.

Ability to run in multiple groups.

Dedicated instructor 

Photo package.

Chase or follow video of your car.

Free nonalcoholic beverages.

Free teeshirt. 

Two meal tickets per day.

Parts discount at Mueller Motorsports.

Free drinks at the Monday night party.

Free camping a $75 value.

No wait on grid. You will be directed to the front of the line!

$1495     for three days.




Event requirements


This event is designed to provide you a SAFE and FUN experience as you learn the potential of your car.


  • All makes and models of cars are welcome with the exception of trucks and SUVs which are prohibited.  Convertibles are welcome if they have a factory installed roll bar or a 4 point roll bar.  The roll bar must protect both the driver and passenger.
  • All drivers/registerants must have a valid drivers license, be 18 or older and sign the track and event waivers.
  • Assigned car numbers must be on the two doors/windows. Numbers are at least 4 inches tall and 2 or more inches wide.
  • All drivers meeting are mandatory. If you miss them you don't drive!
  • No racing or horseplay will be allowed.
  • Helmets rated Snell SA/M  2005 or latter are required on all drivers and passengers.
  • All drivers must have the appropriate wristband.
  • All on-track vechicles must have a tech. sticker on them. no sticker no track time.
  • Passing only in designated areas as discussed in the drivers meeting.
  • A passing signal is required from the car being overtaken.The left arm is extended out the window pointing towards the passing side.A clear signal for each car passing is required.
  • The first lap of each session is always under yellow unless otherwise determined at the drivers meeting. It's a warm up lap for you and the car.
  • Know the flags! That's how corner workers communicate with you.
  • Passengers are allowed in the intermediate group and above.They must be registered and have a wrist band. May sit only in the front seat.  Restraint system for passenger MUST be the same as the drivers.
  • Passengers must be 18 or older. They must comply with all track/orgaization rules or face expulsion.
  • Any spin or loss of control when a passenger is in the car will result in termination of passenger privileges and possible expulsion.
  • Cameras are allowed if securely mounted.No hand held cameras in the car.
  • Arms must be inside the car at all times.
  • Seat belts are minimum factory installation of a 3 point.  A racing 5 or 6 point restraint sytem is preferred.
  • Session is over when the checkered flag is shown at the Start/Finish line.
  • Exit the track at turn 23
  • No alcohol/drugs are allowed on the premises.
  • Only licensed mopeds/ motorcycles are allowed on the premises
  • Black flags

Off-track excursions and 90 degree or more spins will get you a black flag every time.There are other reasons for getting black flagged.The most common are passing  in a  no passing zone and following to close.  If you get three black flags for any combination of reasons you are done for the event. NO EXCEPTIONS - NO REFUNDS- NO APPEAL

The event organizers in conjunction with NCM Motorsports Park reserve the right to expell anyone, who on their sole judgement, is not obeying the

There are additional rules from NCM Motorsport Park which must be respected. They are in your event packet and on our website. Read and understand!!

Our event is so safe that you can purchase insurance to cover any unforeseen issues. Here is a link to Lockton HPDE insurance. 

NOTE NCM has a strict ly enforced noise limit of 103 db at 50 ft from the track. If your car exceeds that level you will not be allowed on track until the car has been modified to conform. This is your responsibility!


NCM Motorsport Park

Bowling Green, KY
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Download track map


HPDE organized by

GT Track Days

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