Sat, Sep 7, 2024

Group 5 Motorsports: Hill Climb, Horse Thief Mile

Willow Springs Int'l Raceway

About this event


Group 5 Motorsports Presents: Hill Climb/Time Trial at "The Mile" - Powered by HAGERTY. 

The event will be run on the twisting, uphill "Horse Thief Mile" road course at Willow Springs International Raceway. The Hill Climb will run in one direction in the morning, and in the opposite direction later in the day. This is unique in Hill Climbs and as unique as the very first Hill Climb run at Willow more than 40 years ago. Run from a standing start, the Hill Climb is open to a wide range of cars, street and race, with classes even available for karts.   

 Classes for:

  • Street cars
  • Race cars
  • Race karts
  • Modern cars
  • Vintage vehicles are included and encouraged. 

 A minimum of 10 competition and practice laps are guaranteed and based upon the number of entries more laps may be available. 

Six Classes have been established, generally defined as over and under 2 liters. Class placement in one of the six designations is determined at the time of registration.

Event Pricing:  $165 for your first vehicle entry, $125 for the second vehicle. 

Early Bird Discount:  Sign up before April 1 and receive a $15 discount. 


Event requirements

Safety Requirements

Purpose built Race Cars will be required to have full safety equipment including roll cage, fuel cell, cut off switch, and harnesses. 

Street Cars will be required to be in good working condition, seat belts, and have good brake pads and tire life remaining. 

Drivers Gear: Helmets:  Current Snell rating accepted.  Long sleeve shirts and pants, gloves optional (highly recommended) and closed toe shoes.  

(Vehicles will be self tech)


Gates open at 7:00 AM

Drivers meeting at 7:30 AM 

Mobile Track Walk (at slow speed) will be first group out.  

Track goes green at 8:00 AM

Track goes cold at 2:30 PM

Willow Springs Int'l Raceway

Rosamond, CA
Download track map
Download track map


Hill Climb organized by

Group Five Motorsports

Group 5 Motorsports: Hill Climb, Horse Thief Mile

Sat, Sep 7, 2024