Thu, May 9, 2024

GGC BMW CCA Spring ’24 HPDS at Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma Raceway

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Sonoma Raceway Driving School

Date: May 9
Course: Sonoma Raceway

After an extended hiatus, the Golden Gate Chapter is returning to the world-famous Sonoma Raceway! Join your local Golden Gate Chapter and master your craft with our High-Performance Driving School (HPDS). The $750 fee for this event includes in-car instruction and plenty of track time. For Group S drivers (advanced solo), the fee is $600.

a road with a winding road and fields and a hill with buildings with Longsheng Rice Terrace in the background

Skills-focused Driving

Our focus is on safety and learning. Every student is assigned an in-car instructor for the duration of the event. (Group S drivers are solo, and can opt for data coaching.) Classroom sessions feature presentations and discussions of vehicle dynamics, car control, and corner-by-corner track details.

Our solo program, Group S, is available at a discount for a select group of advanced drivers—$600 for the day. Advanced Data Coaching is also available for an additional $150 for S drivers — your coach works with you in a classroom rather than in your car.

D Group

C Group

A&B Groups

Group S



 Upper Intermediate
 and Advanced

 Expert driving skills

 In-car instruction
 Limited passing zones

 In-car instruction
 Limited passing zones

 In-car instruction
 Passing everywhere

 Data coaching option

 Passing everywhere


Important COVID-19 information:

All attendees, staff, and guests are recommended to be fully vaccinated (including waiting time) before arriving at the event.

With the exception of Group S, all students should expect to have an instructor in-car at this event. Masks are encouraged indoors, including in cars with passengers (and required in car if either the instructor or student requests that masks be worn).

All attendees, staff, and guests are recommended to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (including waiting time) before arriving at the event. Masks are encouraged indoors, including in cars with passengers (and required in car if either the instructor or student requests that masks be worn).

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please contact the event staff and refrain from attending the event. 

COVID-19 policy is based on currently available information and the policy may change at the time of the event based on prevailing public health recommendations.

Instructors please note:

The Golden Gate Chapter will not be covering instructor lodging for this event. In lieu of that, we will have a dedicated instructor run group, in addition to being able to drive with S group or the advanced students.

Important information about the waiting list:

  • If sold out, register anyway! You will be waitlisted automatically. We expect to accept a large number of students from the waiting list. We start with a conservative student count, and pull students from the waiting list as more instructors sign up for the event.

Event requirements

You must be a licensed driver, 17 years of age or older, and you must be a BMW CCA member to be eligible for enrollment. Non-member registration includes a one-year BMW CCA membership. Please be sure to include or update your experience and your emergency contact info in your MotorsportReg profile when you register. Contact event organizers if you have questions about eligibility (

Car Control Clinic: Attendance at a GGC Car Control Clinic is strongly recommended. Working with a coach at a GGC autocross is another option. 

Waivers: We are using an online waiver system—Speedwaiver. You must provide a mobile phone number in order to receive SMS text messages from Speedwaiver that provide a link to the waiver to be signed electronically.

Minor Waivers: If you are under 18 years of age, you must fill out and sign a separate minor waiver and a parent/guardian must sign a parental consent form at check-in. If a parent or guardian cannot be present at check-in, the consent form may be signed ahead of time, but the signature must be witnessed by another adult. You can find the minor waiver in the event documents folder; it must be printed in color.

Helmets: Snell 2015 or later certified (SA or M) helmets are required for all track events. Please bring your helmet with you for inspection when you check in at the event. If you need to buy a new helmet, you should choose an SA rating. M rated helmets will not be allowed after 2026.

Sharing a car: If you would like to share a car with another student, please contact the Registrar by clicking the “Send a message” to the registrar link at right before registering.

Tech Inspection: All cars that go on track must pass a tech inspection before the event. The inspector must complete and sign the Tech Inspection Form, which will be collected at event check-in. The inspection must be performed no more than 30 days prior to the event.

  • The sound limit for this event is 103 dB. Mufflers are required. 
  • Most convertible and T-top cars are not allowed. If you wish to bring a convertible or T-top, contact GGC to learn about the restrictions and the requirements.
  • If you have four (or more) point harnesses, please contact the organizers for special requirements. 

Additional important information, a FAQ, a program overview, and the required GGC BMW CCA tech form are available in the event document folder.



Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma, CA
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Download track map
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BMW CCA - Golden Gate Chapter - HPDE

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GGC BMW CCA Spring ’24 HPDS at Sonoma Raceway

Thu, May 9, 2024