Sun, Nov 10, 2019

Gateway AutoX 2019 Events 5&6

Gateway Motorsports Park Drag Lot

About this event

Registration Fees

All Day - $50

 No Work, Run All Day - $125 (Limited Availability)

Single Session - $35

One on One Novice School Entry - $125 (places limited, see below for details)

One on One Novice School (Limited Spaces)

Designed for your brand new autocrosser or one with less than 1 year of experience, our One on One program pairs you with an experienced autocross instructor for the entire day! Your instructor will help you ready your car for tech, walk the course, and of course, improve your driving.  You get runs in both the morning and afternoon session, and only have to work course for one heat.  During the other non driving heat, you  shadow your all day instructor while they drive their own car.

Your work with your instructor one on one all day - plan on this being an intense, exhausting day of learning.  Typically your instructor will want to ride with you during runs and may ask to drive your car during a run to help illustrate a point.   During your "shadow" heat your instructor may also have you ride with them.   All riding and driving of others cars is optional and up to the individuals involved.

Our instructor roster incudes multiple time national champions and trophy winners with years of experience in various types of vehicles.  Once you enter, we will contact you with our suggested instructor(s) who are most appropriate for you and your car and you can choose.  In the unlikely event we cannot find an instructor you are happy with, we will refund your school entry feel

  • Entry Fee $125
  • You drive the RED run group in both AM and PM sessions
  • Your work course in BLUE run Group for AM Session.  Working course sucks but it is an integral part of our sport and it is important to a) learn how to work and b) see how other drivers approach the course.
  • You shadow your instructor while they run BLUE group afternoon.

Run in the Morning, or Afternoon

With our events, you get to choose when you run. Do you have family commitments in the morning, and can't attend the usual Sunday morning event, that is fine, come and run with us in the afternoon! Have a BBQ or party to get to in the afternoon, great, come run with us in the morning. Have nothing else to do? Run both the Morning and Afternoon events with Gateway Autocross.  Remember that points are only counted from 4 of the 6 events, so you don't have to run them all!

No Work, Run all Day Entry (Limited Availability)

If you need a lot of runs for testing and tuning, or just hate working at autocrosses and are willing to put your wallet where your work assignment is, our No Work, Run all Day Entry is perfect for you.   For $125 entry fee, you get to run all day, both sessions with no work assignment.   Only your first set of runs counts towards trophy positions and championship points.

Registration Basics

We offer online registration before the event, and the ability to register on site as well. We run both a Morning and Afternoon session, you can choose if you want to run morning, or afternoon, you do not need to run with other competitors in your class. 

Car Classification

Our events offer car classification using NASA's 2019 classification guidelines, all 2019 SCCA Classes (including ladies) and NCCC class for our Corvette club friends.   All SCCA classes, except FJA, FJB, CAM-T, CAM-S and CAM-T not having 3 entrants will be "bumped" to an overall index class using the 2018 PAX/RTP factors.

Event Trophies

Event Trophies are given out for the top 3 finishers in each of the 11 NASA, NCCC, CAM, FJ, the SCCA Index Class and any other SCCA class with 3 or more entrants.

Event requirements

Important Info for all entrants!

We offer all of the NASA-X points based classes, which we highly recommend for new people and cars not dedicated to autocross duty.  

In our partnership with Boone Trail Corvette Club, we also offer a NCCC class.


Entries (48)

Matt Hudson
J.J. Mallrich
Jim Platter
Andy Hohl
Brad Barron
Chad Hehner
Eric Held
Chris Zammit

Gateway Motorsports Park Drag Lot

Madison, IL


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