Sat, Jul 9, 2016

Galway Cavendish Forest Rally 2016

GCFR Cachacoma Ontario

About this event

Galway Cavendish Forest Rally

Galway Cavendish Forest Rally is one of the most popular events in the OPRC series.

This year GCFR will also be the 4th event in the Eastern Canada Rally Championship. 

There is no fee for you to be part of ECRC but certainly is some great prize money.

Once again, the Peterborough Motor Sports Club is offering a first by making the route book available in .pdf form prior to the event. If your team wishes to print their own route book please indicate that on your entry form.   Hardcopy “red cross and OK sign” provided at registration.  If you rather prefer the traditional book provided by the organizer it is available upon request and will be included in your registration package.

We have also received an exemption so that vehicles that while meeting CARS regulations are not insured etc. can be used on the closed roads which comprise the event. 

NOTE: Vehicles used on Recce must be street legal, Insured and licensed.

This year Galway Cavendish Forest Rally is  organized by PMSC 

Supplementary regulations for  Galway Cavendish Forest Rally  Supplementary regulations are located at

There will be a maximum  entry of 25 any entries in excess of 25 will be placed on the waiting list in order of completed entry.

Entry Fees

Regular fee for entries received prior to 16:30 hours July 4th 2015: $500 CDN

Late entry fee applies to all entries received after July 4th 16:31 hours $600 CDN



Event requirements

Galway Cavendish Forest Rally

The first step in registering is to establish a account

At least one member of crew (driver OR co-driver) must have a user profile. 

If your driver/co-driver already has a account, they can give you control of their account (can be revoked at any time).

If you do not have a please create one then return to entry.

NOTE: If you have elected to pay by e-Transfer or Cheque your entry acknowledgment will show '$ 0' 

You DO NEED  to send payment as directed in Supplementary Regulations

Additional event details can be found here:


Entries (12)

Jean-Sebastian Besner
Ian Crerar
Peter Thomson
Lindsay Webster
Eric Vlasic
Bruno Laverdiere
Derek Vincent
Gary Sutherland

GCFR Cachacoma Ontario

Buckhorn , ON
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


Stage Rally organized by

Peterborough Motor Sports Club

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