Sat, Feb 23, 2019

FKC Champions Cup Round 1 -Willow Kart Track

Willow Kart Track

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2019 FKC Highlights

No Membership Fees 2019

$ 95 Pre-Registration Fees

Chance to win ROK the RIO tickets 2019 , Las Vegas

Money Races In Different Classes Throughout 2019





Event requirements


Clarification on Tires:

ROK Shifters and ROK GP  ( Senior and Master ) will be required to run Bridgestone YLR Tires.

KPV100cc can run either Le Cont Option or Bridgestone YLC Tires 

Bridgestone Tires can be purchased in this registration, and pick up at the track during the Friday practice before race day from FKC trailer.

All other classes will run on Le Cont Tires






Willow Kart Track

Rosamond, CA


Karting organized by

Formula Karting Championship

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