Sat, Apr 21, 2012

Fastrack Track Day 1 hosted by VCMC

Mission Raceway

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Fastrack Autobody

Join us on April 21, 2012 for the Fastrack Autobody Track Day at Mission Raceway Park hosted by VCMC Motorsport Club. Mission Raceway is a 9-turn, 1.4 mile long permanent road racing circuit.

VCMC, in partnership with Fastrack Autobody, continues to offer great value to track day participants by providing tonnes of seat time, instruction for novices, lunch, refreshments, and professional turn workers to keep the event safe, fun, and efficient.


Our track events are open to drivers of various experience levels. Drivers are grouped by experience to ensure that all the drivers and vehicles in each session are evenly matched. First timers and new novices attend an orientation session at the start of the day and are accompanied by senior drivers on reconnaissance laps until they are ready to drive solo. We cap our lapping day entries so that group sizes remain manageable and everyone gets plenty of track time.


Entry Fee: $250 CAD (or $235 USD if you choose the Pay by Credit Card option on

Please feel free to ask questions and discuss track days on our club forum.

Event requirements

Entry Fee
The entry fee is $250 CAD. All registrations must be accompanied by electronic payment. currently only processes payments in USD. The entry fee is $235 USD if you choose the convenient Pay by Credit Card option on We encourage you to use this option.

If you do not wish to use the USD credit card option on, please continue to complete the online registration form, then email to arrange an alternate payment method. The standard $CAD entry fee applies. Arrangements must be made within two hours otherwise your registration will be cancelled.

Drivers must hold a current VCMC membership in order to register. Please add the “Membership” option to your registration if you are not yet a member. Each event will be limited to a maximum of 40 paid participants plus instructors.

In addition to the requirements in the regulations, all drivers must have some previous performance driving experience (e.g. autocross, time trials, lapping, performance driving school, etc.). Instruction will be available for first-timers and novices not yet signed off to drive solo. Novices must attend the classroom session which will be held at the Raceway on the morning of each event. The classroom session covers the rules of a track day event, safety concerns, passing rules and mental preparation for track driving. Novices are not allowed to carry passengers except for an instructor. A novice is defined as a driver who has participated in 3 or fewer track days.

Experienced Drivers
Please describe your high performance driving experience under your Driver Information Profile.

Vehicle Requirements
Vehicles must undergo a
compliance check at the track before being permitted to run. This is not a full mechanical inspection. It is ultimately the driver's responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is safe and meets all of the requirements.
Convertibles with OEM hoops (e.g. NC Miata & S2000): hardtop and/or approved roll over protection devices are highly recommended
All other convertibles (e.g. NA/NB Miata): hardtop and/or approved roll over protection devices are REQUIRED

Tentative Schedule
7:00 am - gates & tech open
7:50 am - tech closes
8:00 am - mandatory drivers meeting
8:30 am - on track sessions begin
4:00 pm - on track activities cease
5:00 pm - premises must be vacated

The schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Sound Limit
Track noise limit is 90db measured from the racing line. Vehicles that exceed the sound limit will not be permitted to run.

All drivers and passengers must wear a Snell 2000 (or newer) helmet when on track and any designated hot areas. Loaner helmets are available.

All VCMC track days are sanctioned by CACC and are held under CACC
Lapping Regulations, CACC SoloSprint Regulations, and CACC GCRs. Additional resources can be found on the Track Days page.

Mission Raceway

Mission, BC
Download track map
Download track map
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


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VCMC Motorsport Club

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