Mon, Oct 10, 2022

Euroclassics Porsche Driver Education Event

Virginia International Raceway

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Date: 10/10/2022

Time: 7am - 5pm

Location: Virginia International Raceway - 1245 Pine Tree Rd, Alton, VA 24520



Join Euroclassics Porsche for its 21st annual Driver's Education Event and Customer Appreciation Day. Everyone will bring their own car and enjoy a day at VIR's world-renowned full course. This is a great opportunity for drivers to get to know their cars, test their abilities on a real racecourse, and enjoy lots of track time. Guests and spectators are welcome to come for free, however they will need to pay for their own lunch.


All participants must have their vehicles Tech Inspected prior to the event.  Tech Inspections are free if done at Euroclassics (***owners responsible for repair/maintenance costs - please call 804-794-3399 for more information***).  Drivers may take their cars to another service facility of their choosing for tech inspection, but cost will then be the owners responsibility.


This event is open to any driver 18 or older with a valid US-issued driver's license and with any track worthy make/model of vehicle. Please bring your driver's license with you to registration.


There will be three (3) driving groups –

Experienced (Red) 

Intermediate (Yellow) 

Touring (Green)


Helmets are required for the "Experienced" and "Intermediate" group, but not required for the “Touring” group.


For those that want to learn from a pro... We will have pro race car drivers David Murry (LeMans race for Porsche LMP1 and Ford GT) and Tom Long (WeatherTech series for Mazda prototype) available for private instructions. Please email Paul Murphy ( for more information on pro instructions and available times.

Event requirements

Event requirements

Drivers will be divided into three run groups based on their driving experience. 


There will be a pace car with no passing allowed in the “green” group for drivers who are new to the track or have limited driving time.  The green group will be a relaxed driving opportunity for people who have no or limited track experience.  These drivers will be able to get a taste of the track without having to be concerned about passing as they learn about themselves and their cars.  Some instructors will be available at no charge to give newer drivers a few driving tips and teach them the line of the track. In this group only, no helmets will be required and VIR’s roll-bar rules will not apply (so you can drive any stock Boxster).  For SUVs... Only qualified track vehicles (For example: Porsche Cayennes or Macans, BMWs and Mercedes-Benz SUVs) will be permitted for either group.



Yellow group will be allowed to pass on the three straights with point by (will be discussed in drivers meeting). To qualify for the yellow group you must have completed 5 past track events that have been recoreded on motorsports reg.  


Passing will be allowed in the "red" group for experienced drivers in certain areas (will be discussed in driver's meeting). To qualify for the red group you must have completed 10 past track events that have been recorded on motorsports reg. 

Please contact Paul Murphy at for more information regarding which group you should sign up for.  


Long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and closed-toe shoes will be required for all drivers, per VIR rules.  All participants and spectators (adults and minors) must sign the appropriate VIR and Euroclassics insurance waivers.


Drivers in the Yellow and Red group must wear Snell 2011 or newer helmets, per VIR rules, convertibles in the advanced groups must have roll bars that are two inches above the drivers’ helmets (Broomstick Rule).  Boxsters 2005 and newer are acceptable with no additional devices if the drivers’ helmets are below the two-inch mark.


Please make sure your event history is up to date on your MotorsportsReg account, this helps us place drivers in the correct run group.


Entry fee is $395.00 this entry is for 1 driver.  Any additional drivers must register on their own.   One lunch voucher is included with your registration.   Additional non-participant attendees can purchase a lunch voucher for $20.00.


**** Pre-event tech inspections are required for ALL cars. ****


The entry fee also includes a free pre-event tech inspection of your car at Euroclassics Porsche in Midlothian, VA.  Any additional service required is the vehicle owner’s responsibility. 


Entry fee does not cover cost for tech inspection at any other shop.  A tech form is available here:



Please take your car to the tech shed for final grid tech inspection first,

Then follow instructions from Tech Session staff on where to proceed for driver's meeting with your tech form for registration.


If you are in the Green run group, make sure you get through tech and registration early so you can make your first run session.



Please call Euroclassics Porsche at (804) 794-6868 for additional information, or visit us on the web at

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Virginia International Raceway

Alton, VA
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Euroclassics Porsche Driver Education Event

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