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East 10 Drift
Sat, Apr 16, 2016

East10Drift Hootenanny

Smokies Stadium

About this event

Spring is in the air in East Tennessee! Grab your girl and bring your rides, throw on a helmet and take a slide! Come on out and have fun at the East10Drift Hootenanny! Don't forget your overalls!

Registration Fee $85 (includes driver + 1)

NOTE: There is an additional $52 fee to register at the track on the day of the event. 

Event requirements

What you need to drift:

• A rear wheel drive car.
• No leaking fluids. Make sure you don’t have any lines that are disconnected and leaking or any bolts that are loose which allow seals to leak, Brake lines, etc.
• Operable Brakes
• Properly mounted Seat or Seats.
• Properly Fastened Seat belts
• Properly mounted wheels
• Steering wheel is well mounted
• Battery Fastened down with proper harness.
• Helmet
• Plenty of Fuel
• Plenty of Tires. (The higher the treadwear and the lower the horsepower, the longer they’ll last, for reference) Tire mounter is on site! $10/mount* *$20 for aggressively stretched mounts
• Jack & Jack stands
• Tools
• All body parts are well fastened
• Radiator Hoses well fastened (Check entire coolant system)
• Just make sure you’re mechanically sound, ese.

Those are a few of the most important points to check.
YOU WILL BE TECHED, so make sure every this is tip-top.

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Entries (30)

Joseph Baker
bryan broberg
Jonathan Christian
Daniel Frische
Barry Clapp
Will Fields
John Armstrong
Stephen Johnstone

Smokies Stadium

Kodak, TN


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East 10 Drift

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