Sat, Oct 1 - Tue, Oct 31, 2023


MCOR Membership

About this event

Welcome to Master Class Of Racing, quite possibly the most exciting new format in racing.  Master Class of Racing has been conceived as a Pro/Am series with accessibility and sustainability at the forefront. It's uniquely structured to empower drivers and compete on a level playing field that allow drivers to stand out and shine. We aim to keep costs low and excitement high, maximizing profitability, growth, and sustainability for newer teams. 


Event requirements

To get started you will need the following:

A: Copy of driver license

B: Completed medical form 

C: Driver resume

D: Driver headshot

E: Impact test completed

F: Gear branding and SFI rating and production dates, helmet, suit, shoes, socks, balaclava, gloves, underwear, neck restraint

Please fill the application as detailed as possible to ensure rapid approval of your application. If you have any questions please contact


MCOR Membership

Atlanta, GA


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Master Class of Racing

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