Sat, Jul 6 - Sun, Jul 7, 2024

Double Endurance Wkd July 6&7

Rad Torque Raceway

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NASCC Double 3 Hour Ironman and 8 Hour Endurance Race on the July 6 & 7 weekend

Credit Cards will not be charged until a few days before the event.

- Team Entry for each individual day is $860 for 8 hour race or $360 for 3 hour Ironman, $160 for the 1.5 hour King of the Road, with an early bird registration discount for the 8 h ($30 each day) and Ironman ($25 each day) if you sign up by Saturday, June 22nd, ~two weeks in advance.

- There is an additional $200, $75, or $60 discount for signing up for both days, depending on whether you are an 8 h, 3 h or 1.5 h entry, respectively, with increasing discounts if you sign up for multiple Ironman or King of the Road races (i.e. both afternoon and morning races)

- Teams entered in the 8 hour Endurance races will earn Endurance Race points. Races each day run 9 am to 5 pm

- Teams entered in the 3 hour morning Ironman race will earn Ironman Season Championship points, starting at 9 am.

- Teams entered in the afternoon Ironman Race will earn "Not a Morning Ironman" Season Championship points, starting at 2 pm.

- There is no season Championship for the King of the Road.

- Race will be 8 hours, 3 hours or 1.5 hours, which you select, and they will be run concurrently.

- Maximum of 2 hour driver stints with a minimum of 5 minute pit stops when fueling.

- There will be no extra charge for multiple drivers of the car.

Maximum of 6 drivers per Team for 8 hour race and 3 drivers per Team for 3 hour race. Crew size is not limited.

- Transponder rentals will be available for $30

- 2024 NASCC Endurance Racing Supplemental Regulations can be found at:

- Endurance Race Classes will be as the 2024 NASCC Endurance Racing Supplemental Regulations: EU, E1, E2, and E3.

EU = Cars with Lap times of 1:28.99 or faster at RAD Torque Raceway

E1 = Near Fastest 33% of cars entered – Lap times of 1:29.0 to 1:34.0 at RAD Torque Raceway

E2 = Next 33% of entered cars – Lap times of 1:34.01 to 1:37.0 at RAD Torque Raceway

E3 = Bottom 33% of entered cars – Lap times of 1:37.01 to 1:45 at RAD Torque Raceway

If you need help determining your Lap Time Classing at RAD Torque Raceway please contact us.

Tires will be open for the 3 Hour Endurance Race.

NASCC will be holding an Endurance Race Licensing School from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm, July 5, 2024 at RAD Torque Raceway. Drivers must take this school to qualify for a WCMA Endurance Race License if you do not have an existing WCMA Race License. The School is classrom based training that will be held in the Eurasia Classoom at RAD Torque Raceway. The school will not have any on-track driving portion. It covers the basics needed to go Endurance Racing on July 6 or 7, 2024.

Check the NASCC website for the latest schedule.

Event requirements

Drivers must be familiar with all WCMA Technical and Sporting Regulations, see website

All teams must fill out the Endurance tech form. This is two pages and has sections for the car and for each driver. 2022 forms below are approved for 2024
2022 Race Tech Form.pdf
2022 Endurance Tech Form Page 2.pdf
Send these completed forms to

Drivers must be familiar with the NASCC Supplemental Regulations.  2024 NASCC Endurance Racing Supp Regs

Minors (under 18) must have both parents sign a “minor waiver” in advance and bring to registration.

A driver who does not have an Amateur, Endurance or Ice Racing WCMA License can qualify for a single event Endurance License by attending the endurance racing orientation session on Firday or Saturday evening.

Race cars must be properly prepared, following WCMA 2023/4 Technical Regulations

Snell SA 2015 or newer helmets required, along with a HANS device or FIA approved equivalent

Race Suits, gloves, shoes must be of approved, fire retardant materials; suits must be SFI3-2A/3 worn with fire retardant underwear, or SFI3-2A/5, or FIA homologated multi-layer.  No clothing should be made in whole or part of Nylon.

Entries (6)

Jed Harrison
Daedalus Silver
Devon Markert
Colgan Curlett
Matthew Murphy
Matt Jones

Rad Torque Raceway

Leduc County, AB
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Download track map


Club Race organized by

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club

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Double Endurance Wkd July 6&7

Sat, Jul 6 - Sun, Jul 7, 2024