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08 October, 2016

DFW MAP RALLY.....a "shortest-distance" roadrally

Not who is the quickest, but who is the smartest...


The Texas Region of the Sports Car Club of America invites you to a fun drive in the country in Parker County in Texas. The team who visits all the required landmarks in the shortest distance will win, and the winners will receive awards. Speed is not a factor.

  • Rally Day: Saturday, October 8, 2016
  • Starting Place: Holt FIAT of Fort Worth, 400 W Loop 820 S, Fort Worth, TX 76108.  Just come in and register.  You will be given odo check instructions, which will take you to Logan's Roadhouse 325 Interstate 20 E, Weatherford, TX 76086.  Note: you must follow our directions to get there.
  • Registration opens at 9:00am on Rally Day (time may be adjusted). 
  • At the end of the odo check, you will receive your maps and your instructions for finding the dozen or so locations in Parker County that you have to locate, and then visit.
  • Take one-half hour to determine your route from map(s) provided.  No electronic aids or extra maps permitted here.
  • Cars leave the official start whenever you are ready, in any order (but at 1 minute intervals). First car out could be as early as 11:00.  You must check in at the control in the restaurant parking lot, to have your time and mileage recorded.
  • Length: as short as you can make it in miles, probably about 2-1/2 hours in time
  • Finish: at Logan's Roadhouse 325 Interstate 20 E, Weatherford, TX 76086. 
  • Rally type: Shortest distance rally. SCCA calls this a GTA (Games, Tours, Adventures) rally.
  • Route: You choose your route from maps provided.  You may use any public road you wish in your attempt to log the shortest distance on your odometer.  Depending on your chosen route, you may encounter stretches of unpaved road.  There are reasonable routes that are entirely paved.
  • Classes: First-timer, Novice (3 rally trophies or less), General, and Master (this is an optional class: no trophies).  GPS and other electronic aids welcome in any class. 
  • Vehicles: Sports Cars, Family Cars, Classic Cars, Antiques, Hot Rods, Cruisers, Convertibles, anything with 4 wheels that’s street legal is OK in this Rally.  Cars built before 1940 will get a little extra time.
  • Rally Fee: $25.00    SCCA Members: $5.00 discount. Preregistration at msreg.us/DMR16msr is highly encouraged.  Those who preregister will receive the rally "General Instructions" a few days before rally day via email.  A $5.00 late fee will be assessed to anyone not preregistered on MotorsportReg.com.
  • Rallymaster: John Poulos.

On public roads, always at legal speeds, with plenty of entertainment for you and a friend!

Those preregistered will be emailed the rally rules a few days before the event. The Rally Committee reserves the right to limit entries.

Texas Region SCCA (www.texasscca.org) is affiliated with the Sports Car Club of America (www.scca.org). With over 65,000 members, and with Regions all over the US, the club offers car related activities in a broad range of automotive events.

A road rally is not a contest of speed or racing. The challenge is to ascertain a route that visits 12 or so pre-selected locations in the shortest distance. Then drive that route at legal speeds and get to the finish within an allotted time.

This is the fifth event in the 2015 Texas Region SCCA Championship RoadRally Series.  This event is sanctioned as a Divisional Rally by SCCA, and counts for points in the National SCCA RoadRally Championship, under Sanction Number 2016-RG-41-05.

For more information on the RoadRally Series, visit www.texasscca.org/rallytime


Event requirements

 There must be at least 2 people old enough to read in every rally car. The driver must have a valid driver's license and proof of insurance. The car must be in good mechanical condition. If one of the rally car occupants is a minor (under 18 years old), that person must have an SCCA "Minor Release" signed by a parent in the presence of either the rally registrar or a Notary Public. The form is available from rally@texasscca.org, or at registration. Every adult in the car must sign a "Release and Waiver of Liability" form at registration.

Entries (15)

Mark LaCroix
Lee Cochenour
Lois Mueller
Jim Bunch
Noel Bowman
Tink Durbin
Kathy Young
Brian George

Reg: Ft Worth; Rally: Parker County

Fort Worth, TX


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - Texas Region - RoadRally

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