Sat, Oct 14, 2023

CSCC Lapping, Last Kick at the Pumpkin, October 14

Rocky Mountain Motorsports Circuit

About this event

The weather for October looks great.  Don't put your car away just yet.  Saturday, Oct. 14th 1:30-5:00, CSCC is running one last track day at RMM.   We are trying to make this as affordable as possible. 

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In order to keep track days affordable, we need a reasonable number of entries.  The number of entries for this event will determine prices next year.

Please arrive by 1:30 to allow organized entry to the track so we can maximize time on the track.

We'll be lapping at Rocky Mountain Motorsports, 40 mins north of Calgary.  This is a CSCC event for everyone to allow you to enjoy driving your car in a controlled track environment. This is a not a race, you will not be timed.  

Lapping is driving your car around the track with a small group of others with similar experience.   Passing is allowed only on specified longer straights, when the driver in front acknowledges that they know they are being passed.  You will have 3 sessions of approximately 20 minutes each.  

We would like to encourage ladies to participate.  If we have enough women, we will have one session just for ladies.  If you're interested in the ladies session then sign up as Novice-Ladies or Experienced Ladies.  Ladies who sign up in these groups would then also be in the Novice or Experienced Groups for the rest of the day.

We will be leading some parade laps for CSCC members and members of WCMA affiliated clubs to follow in their own vehicles around the track at safe speeds following the last session.  Spectators who are not club members can ride with a member during the parade laps, or for the price of a club membership can drive their own car.

Afterwards we invite everyone to the CSCC Clubhouse (4215 - 80th Ave NE) for slot-car racing, socializing, and for snacks and drinks.


1:30 Registration (show waivers)
1:45 Mandatory Driver's Meeting
2:00, 3:00, 4:00 Advanced Session
2:20, 3:20, 4:20 Ladies and/or Intermediate Session
2:40, 3:40, 4:40 Beginner Session with Instructors
5:00 - 5:15 Ladies' Only Session
5:15 - 5:30 Parade Laps for Anyone in Any Car (see the track at low speed)
5:30 Group Photo
5:45 Leave for CSCC Clubhouse


About Rocky Mountain Motorsports 

RMM is a world class motorsports facility designed by famous track designer Hermann Tilke.
3.5 km long international circuit with 16 unique and technical turns.
36 m of elevation change per lap.
Located only 40 mins from downtown Calgary, in Carstairs, AB. 

Each Run Group will be on the track for an estimated 3-4 sessions.
Each driver will have an estimated 60-80 mins of seat time.

Event is on, RAIN OR SHINE. There will be NO REFUNDS due to inclement weather, unless the track is unsafe to drive.  RAIN provides the best time to experience true car control. Your cars are also less likely to overheat. A rainy day is a lucky day!




Event requirements

  1. All vehicles must be below the 95 dB sound limit.  This is a county rule that RMM must abide by.
  2. No fully-electric vehicles (EV) are allowed.
  3. Valid Driver's License (18 years of age or older). 
  4. Vehicle must be in a safely operable state for track-day use
    1. Tech Form (RMM Vehicle Inspection Checklist)
      1. Fill it out yourself or 
      2. We recommend a mechanic tech your car if it hasn't been on track before and we have arranged for discounts with
        1. Spec R
        2. Calgary Auto Marine Services  
  5. You are welcome to bring your own helmet (Snell SA2015 or later or equivalent).  Motorcycle helmets are not allowed.  Helmet & Balaclava rentals from XS - XXL are available from RMM for $10.
  6. Transponders are required and are available for rent from RMM for $10.
  7. Footwear must be closed toe, rubber sole preferred. No open-toed or high heels permitted. 
  8. For more details about lapping feel free to read 



Entries (41)

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Doug Knight
lee boswell
Dan Chandler
Dan Smith
Nathan Chan
Robin Dymond
Jordan Moser

Rocky Mountain Motorsports Circuit

Mountain View County, Alberta


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Calgary Sports Car Club

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