Sat, Nov 13, 2021

Classic Stocks at Motorfest

Rockingham Speedway

About this event

VIntage/current stock cars are invited to Rockingham Speedway for exhibition lapping in conjunction with "Motorfest at Thunder Alley" on November 13th, 2021 

Exhibition cars must be former NASCAR/ARCA/IMSA/SCCA/Weekly Racing stock appearing cars.  Modifieds, Late models, even street stocks are welcome.  

Replica/show car/street legal stock car appearing cars are welcome and will be pitted in the stock car area with the full built cars.  We will have to verify the safety of replica/show cars in order to allow them to run with the full build stock cars. 

Drivers wishing to drive at a slower pace in general or cars that are museum pieces/not suitable for full speeds will be welcomed to drive on track during ANY/ALL the public 5-minute pace lap sessions.  There will be 5 to 6 sessions available per hour so you can get all the laps you want. (Pace speeds 65-85 mph).  Open-wheel cars, Sports Racer/Indy-style cars are allowed but they would fall under the same rules as replica/show cars, they must run their laps behind a pace car. 

All full-build cars will have a 15-minute lapping session every hour.  The current time plan is; 9:30-9:45, 10:30-10:45, 11:30-11:45, 1:00-1:15, 2:00-2:15 3:00-3:15    If more register than we can safely put on the track at once, we will add other sessions so that all get the full 1.5 hours track time.  You may run as much or as little as you want in each session.   

All participants in the lapping sessions will be parked in the backstretch garage area together (at least 20 spaces are covered) and between runs, fans will be allowed to mingle and talk to you folks about your cars and take photos.

Load-in will be available Friday, Nov 12 after 4pm.  You may camp overnight with your rig but electricity is very limited and you must be fully self-contained.  NO DUMPSITE AVAILABLE. There is an abundance of restroom/portajons around and ONE shower stall in the men's room of main garage area.

Come to this event expecting to have a ball enjoying driving the banking and being in the environment of other vintage car owners, NOT seeing how absolute fast of a lap you can turn around the Rock and you will be fine.

Event requirements

We ask that all participants drive a minimum of 10-15% below the full capability of your car and your skill as a driver.  This is an exhibition for the fans and an opportunity for you to drive your historic racing cars swiftly on a historic track, not wide open, and NOT a race.

There is no official speed limit or pace car.  Point-by/choreographed overtaking is allowed and encouraged.  There will be a mandatory driver meeting the morning of the event where overtaking/driving expectations are presented and the track will be controlled just like a race using flags and lights.  Speeds should be kept to a level that passing one another is not an issue.  If you point someone by, lift a little to let them get back on the race line quickly and safely.  We want you to enjoy the speed and G-forces of being on the track and sharing it with other cars, just not on the ragged edge.

As long as everyone appears to be driving according to the rules all will be well.  If you begin to encroach on a speed/safety threshold that we feel could endanger you or other participants, we will signal you to slow down.  If you persist or ignore our signal, you will not be allowed to continue further sessions.  Not wanting to be a hardass about it, but please do not sign up thinking this is a WAO event, all drivers must leave a little on the table and room for mistakes/mechanicals without stuffing the car in the wall.  We have EMS on site but just a level 1 truck and no wrecker.  M4theM will park you for the day with no refund if you do not follow the rules.

Any full caged car or car that is capable of, or driven above 100 MPH should have the safety gear appropriate to the era in which it raced present in the car and the driver should have appropriate safety/fireproof clothing and a proper helmet.  Even in an exhibition, mechanical issues can happen and you need to be protected.

Show cars and replica cars that will not exceed superhighway speeds during the event are only required to have 3 point OEM belts.  If you have a cage in your car, we require at least street-legal DOT helmet. 

The following tech sheet should be filled out by each driver and all appropriate areas for your car should be verified as track-ready.  You may fill out the form yourself if you feel your mechanical knowledge is sufficient to do so.  Anything on the sheet that does not apply to your car, (ex. harnesses if you only have regular belts or things like roll cages if your car has no roll cage) should be skipped or marked NA.


When you sign up, your entry will be listed as "on hold" while we verify your car as appropriate.  Once the car checks out, you will be listed as "confirmed". 

When you sign up, please use a current email address that you check and a working phone number in case we need to contact you about things relating to the event.

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Rockingham Speedway

Rockingham, NC


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