Fri, Aug 4 - Sun, Aug 6, 2023

CKT 2023 Round 5

Grand Junction Motor Speedway

About this event

ARE YOU READY FOR ROUND 5??  This is shaping up to the be biggest club race we've ever had out in Grand Junction!  Jesse at GJMS has sponsored a prize purse totalling $2400, and HMH Roofing has put up $600 to be split among the winners of FIVE race classes!!  Always great fun in Grand Junction - you never know what you're going to get, and anyone can win!  Come on out and find out!

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(plus $300 / $200 / $100 for KA Masters, with a minimum of 12 participants from HMH Roofing)

Join CKT for Round 5 of the 2023 Karting Season!   As usual, we've got a private practice day on Friday, August 4.  


See you on the track!

Event requirements

If you have already chosen a kart number in our earlier event, it will pre-populate for you when you register!  I know, right?  Pretty nifty!  If not, you can select a number for this event and the rest of the season from the available numbers when you choose your race class(es).  This number will stay with you in MSR for future races and events in 2023 with CKT.



CKT rules for 2023 allow for 1 pit spot per racer only!  This means that you must fit your trailer into one spot, and work on your kart in the same area.  As our club grows, it is important that we increase pit density to allow for everyone to attend the races and work on their karts!  If you are able to pit with another driver in one shared space, leaving your vehicles in spectator parking, PLEASE do!  Also, no pit spaces will be allowed for racers that are pitting with a registered team.  These teams have reserved spaces adequate to house all of their drivers, so please use spectator and overflow parking if you are on a team, and do not reserve a pit space for parking.

If you would like to pit near another driver, please put your request in the pit detail on registration.  If you are buying spaces for another driver, please put it in the pit detail on registration and note the other driver.  Even better - have one of your group reserve the pits for all your pals!  

CKT supports vendor tent teams that provide retail services to our karting community (such as selling parts, supplies, and race day support services like coaching and kart tuning) in many ways during our season, including reserving pit spaces prior to the race weekend.  If you would like to apply to be a recognized vendor with CKT, please email

Entries (115)

Alex Ollig
Max Ollig
Michael Hautala
Jesse Nolen
Matt Kistler
Wes Lee
Micah Kipp
David Ellerd

Grand Junction Motor Speedway

Grand Junction, CO


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Colorado Karting Tour

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