Sat, Apr 1, 2023

Choose Your Own Citrus Road Rally, Part II

Hickory Bridge Farm

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Registration fees

Registration: $25 per car


Inspired by the nationally-known (but in no way affiliated) Lemons Rally, the Choose Your Own Citrus Road Rally, Part II Revenge of the Stone Fruit is designed to provide an enjoyable drive through the countryside while conducting a Scavenger Hunt. This "Rally" is a social event and is not based on accurate time and distance - in fact, each team picks their own route to maximize points the way that suits each team the best. Scoring is based on the ability of the team to use clues to find target locations, while leaving enough time to finding their own way to the finish location in the allotted time frame. Each team will be provided with a packet with rules and instructions on how to post pictures on instagram to mark way-points and collect points. Someone on your team needs an instagram account for your team to get points! This is a great opportunity to get younger family members involved in a driving activity. This event will take place rain or shine. Only extreme weather conditions warrant cancellation.

A Road Rally is not a race! OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS. The roads are challenging, sharp curves, steep climbs and wildlife crossings all combined with an unknown route. The driver and navigator must work together to stay alert while looking for clues. Speed does not improve the score. Bring water for the team, and fuel up when you can there isn't any sweep's up to the team to make it back 

Event requirements



Register here for $25. All licensed drivers are welcome to participate! Once registered, make sure that your name shows up on the entry list to confirm your entry.  Walk-ups will NOT be accepted. An SCCA membership is required for insurance purposes. For all drivers that are not annual SCCA members, weekend memberships are required and can be purchased during online registration. All passengers that are non-SCCA members will have to sign up for a trial membership at no additional cost. We will have trial membership form on site. 



This is a GTA/Social Road Rally. There are no points towards any championship. 

There are many variations of Road Rally—this is a "social" rally, which does not require participants to track time and accurate distance. Instead, each vehicle has a navigator who will read directions and figure out the best route, and the driver will follow the instructions. The goal is to drive and find the best route to maximize points. At the end of the rally, there will be a small award ceremony where winners will be announced.

The intention is to have a pleasant Saturday drive, following the speed limits and all local laws. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the view and spot some random stuff 

Additional Notes of Importance:

  • The official instructions will be provided at the check-in at on-site registration; you get to determine your own route.
  • Each team should have a pencil or pen (and perhaps a clip board) to record stuff and things at this event.
  • Vehicles will depart the start point at after the driver meeting.
  • Each team will need an Instagram account 
  • There will be no checkpoints along the route to verify that participants are on the correct route. 
  • Warning: don't play follow the leader! Or do, the other team could be doing something dumb. 
  • Each car/team will need a mascot that must be included in all photographs/Instagram posts of way-points/checkpoints for scoring purposes
  • Mascot should be a handheld item to represent the team
  • Each team should bring a Hot Wheels or Matchbox car for the judges (it could help your score). 
  • This is NOT a race; ALL traffic laws must be followed.
  • Speeding ticket will disqualify you from this event.



You must show your valid driver's license. If you are not an SCCA member, a weekend membership form must be completed via for $15. Other team members/navigators that are not SCCA members will need to fill out a trial membership form on site

Driver qualifications: 

  1. A valid driver’s license and a car
  2. Capable of listening to the navigator or team or pack of wolves and remembering what they were told about why they are driving around South Central PA 

Team qualifications:

  1. Some organizational ability (to handle the paperwork and keep track of route instructions)
  2. Not prone to motion sickness while reading in the car (if you do get motion sick, taking medicine prior to the event often allows you to still enjoy the event)
  3. Ability to post to Instagram
  4. Some light googling 


  1. Number of passengers in the vehicle must not exceed the legal passenger capacity for the vehicle. 



Check-in: Hickory Bridge Restaurant, 96 Hickory Bridge RD Orrtanna PA 17353


  • 9:30AM: Registration opens
  • 10:00AM: Registration closes and Driver's meeting
  • 10:15ishAM: Vehicles begin rally
  • 4:00PM: Finish Location 
  • 4:15PM: Sharing of food and tall tales of the road  
  • 5:00PM (or earlier): Results and award ceremony 

Final Destination: will be in the rally packet 


General Scoring Tips

These things could help you points 

  • themes (costume for you or your car) 
  • safe, legal wackiness that makes the judges laugh


Entries (6)

Cheryl Baker
Lou Chilcote
Nick Finazzo

Hickory Bridge Farm

Orrtanna, PA


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - Susquehanna Region

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