Fri, Apr 11 - Tue, Oct 28, 2014

CenDiv Champ Series Registration

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CenDiv Champ Series Registration

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In order to earn points and be eligible for year-end trophies in the Tro Manufacturing CenDiv Championship Series presented by C&P Installations, you must register as a participant.  

The registration form will allow you to enter the series in up to three different classes. 

There is NO CHARGE for this registration process. 

Details and rules for 2014 HERE and HERE.

(Read both - includes rules and qualification requirements.)

Press release available HERE


2014 regulations for non-GCR regional-only cars:

Baby Grand – Per BG rules.
LC (Legends Cars) (see 9.1.C.b 2014 GCR[MS2] )
S2 (Sports 2000) – Per S2 Rules of 2013 GCR[MS3]
SFR3 (Spec Racer Ford GEN3) – For 2014 only, Cars are allowed to use the GEN3 SRF package installed as delivered from SCCA Enterprises in non-Majors races only. GEN3 equipped cars must otherwise comply with the SRF rules and current safety requirements. This class is being run as a CenDiv only class and as such will not accumulate any points towards Runoffs eligibility in 2014.

Event requirements

Please Note:

In order to receive points for a given race weekend, you must have registered for the Champ Series by midnight on the Friday night before that event.  No at track Champ Series registration is planned this year.

Entries (78)

Brian Finegan
Jeff Nordrum
Jimmy Griggs
David Daly
Bill Parenteau
Konrad Kaczynski
Steve Barkley
Lon Blaser

SCCA Central Division

Milwaukee, WI


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