Sat, Nov 18, 2017

The CBS Rally

Athens, GA - tba

About this event

The Atlanta Region of the Sports Car Club of America invites you to the second RoadRally of the season, a 100 mile tour of the countryside around Athens, Georgia. Using paved and a few smooth unpaved, through roads, competitors (two to a car) will be given route instructions to follow and at least 25 multiple choice questions to answer from along the route. 

There will also be several Monte Carlo style checkpoints along the route. You'll know where they are and when you are supposed to arrive at them. Arrive on time and you’re doing well. Arrive early or late, and you’ll pick up some penalty points.


  • Each incorrect answer: 15 points
  • Each hundredth of a minute early or late at a checkpoint: 1 point
  • Maximum score at a checkpoint or a missed checkpoint: 50 points

Rallying is a precision sport and lowest score wins. A RoadRally is not a race: competitors will never need to exceed the posted speed limit. 

The start will be at the Burger King at 1960 Barnett Shoals Road in Athens, Georgia, with the finish at Fatz Cafe on Lexington Road in Athens. Registration fee is $20 for SCCA members and $25 for non-members.

All pre-registered competitors will receive an event dashboard plaque. 

For questions or information on how to register, contact Rallymaster Mark Johnson at or visit the Atlanta Region’s web site at

The General Instructions are now available for review: 171113_CBS_Rally_GIs.pdf  (These are the rules of the rally, pay close attention to them.)

Event requirements

Each vehicle must have two occupants, a driver and a navigator. Additional adult occupants may put you in a fun-run class, minors are allowed with a signed minor waiver form.

Electronic or mechanical adjustable odometers are not allowed on this event. The use of a GPS or mapping program is also prohibited. Play fair.

A clipboard, pens, pencils, highlighter and a watch or smartphone app you can easily adjust the time on are strongly recommended - official time will be available at the start and it may be different from what time you think it is. 


Entries (35)

Kenny Prater
Robby McCool
Greg Smith
Davis Faver
Matt Yeung
Jordan Faver
Trent Robertson
Mauro Capobianco

Athens, GA - tba

Athens, GA


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SCCA - Atlanta Region - Rally

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