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Cascade Sports Car Club new member application

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Thank you for joining Cascade Sports Car Club.  Welcome to our family. CSCC was originally formed under the name "The 4 Cylinder Sports Car Club of Oregon".  The name was later changed to Cascade Sports Car Club.  Current membership is something over 200 members.

We offer two levels of membership.  Single and Household.  Single is pretty self explanatory.  Household includes spouse/partner and children up to 18 year old.  We also offer annual and two year memberships.  With your new membership, you will receive a membership card, jacket patch, and club name tag.  Please complete the form as much as possible.  We will be using this information for mailing, email, club directory, etc. Also, please advise whether you want to receive Auspuff (monthly club newsletter) via email and what information you want included in the membership directory.

Event requirements

If you would like further information regarding membership requirements and/or to view club bylaws, these can be found on the Cascade Sports Car Club website under the "Membership" tab.  There is a "drop down" with the various documents listed.

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