Sun, Jun 3, 2018

Cascade (CSCC) Track Day - HPDE June 3

Portland Int'l Raceway

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Cascade Sports Car Club Miller-Kersting Memorial Track Day at Portland International Raceway

High Performance Driving Experience



COST: $149

The "HPDE" group is for the experienced track participant who has had a minimum of three days of track experience within the last 2 years. There are no speed limits and passing is allowed in designated sections. The morning meeting will go over the passing areas and rules. "HPDE" participants are held to a high standard due to their experience and the fact that there will be no instructor in the car.  Drive smart and safe.

This event is a great opportunity to come out and be part of a "Race Weekend"!! Between your sessions on track there will be race group qualifying and afternoon races!  Spend the day driving and when not driving, watching some great racing. Or come out and spend the day driving around the track with time still left in the day to get those weekend chores finished!

All entrants must be at least 18 years old and possess a current valid Driver's license. Helmets are required (M2000 or SA2000) or newer. Helmets are available for rent - $10. All cars shall have a passenger seat securely installed for an instructor. Both driver and passenger seat belts must function properly, be in good condition and be of a minimum three point design (shoulder and lap belt). Convertibles have more strict requirements. See Cascade website for details. All cars go thru a minor tech inspection. Cars shall be in good mechanical condition. Tires should be in good condition, the wheels properly tightened and plenty of brake pad.

Registration opens at 7:30AM

Tech opens at 7:30AM          

You must check in with registration located on the second floor of the tower. Show registration your Driver's license and sign the waiver. You will be given a tech form. Proceed to have your car tech'd.

There will be three sessions and they will be designated as Group 9 on the schedule. 

Mandatory Morning Meeting at 8:00AM

Session one:            9:00am - 9:20am

Session two:           11:30am - 11:50am

Session three:         12:50pm - 1:10pm

*** All participants should have their cars lined up in the grid area no later than 5 minutes before the session starts.

Tech Performed on your car:

  • Adequate tire tread
  • Proper tire inflation
  • Loose items removed
  • No cracks in Window in Drivers View
  • Seat belts in good condition and working order (5 or 6 point Harness for Driver and Instructor for Convertibles)
  • Driver and passenger seats secure
  • Brake lights functional
  • Ensure the positive terminal on the battery is properly covered
  • The battery needs to be mechanically secured to the car
  • The helmet requirement is Snell SA2000 or Snell M2000, or newer
  • Roll bar (make sure you read the Roll Bar Standards for convertibles)
  • Eye protection (convertibles)
If your car is a convertible, CLICK HERE to read our roll bar FAQ’s. And then CLICK HERE to confirm if your convertible will be acceptable for one of our events.

For more information see our website:

For questions, please con­tact our Track Day / HPDE coordinator at: or call / text 503-809-1521.

Addittional 2018 Dates for CSCC Track Days

  • May 3rd (class) / May 4th (track) ** No Chicane
  • May 6th (HPDE only) (track) ** No Chicane
  • May 31st (class) / June 1st (track) ** Chicane
  • June 3rd (HPDE only) (track) ** Chicane
  • August 16th (class) / August 17th (track)  ** Chicane
  • September 30th (class & track) ** Chicane


Event requirements

Track Day Requirements: Safety is our primary concern. We require a helmet certified as SNELL M (novice school only) or SA2000 or newer. We have helmets available to rent ($10) also.

We strongly recommend 100% cotton or Nomex clothing: underwear/bra/socks, long-sleeve shirts, long pants; leather shoes and gloves (no nylon inserts). Long pants and closed-toe shoes are required. 

If you have made track driving your hobby, we highly recommend that you invest in Nomex driving attire. Please do your research before buying, as "not all that glitters is gold." We also recommend installing at least a partial roll cage in your car (but this is not a requirement for driver training days).

You will bring your own vehicle. It may be a daily-driver, modified street car, or fully-prepped racecar. It must be in good condition, free of leaks or safety issues, with fully-functioning seat belts (for driver and instructor), and plenty of brakes and tire tread. Convertibles/open-cockpit cars must have approved functional roll bar(s) -- see note below. No pop-up roll bars will be allowed.

Cars will be inspected before being allowed on the track. This inspection and roll bar acceptance is not a certification of a car’s safety or its ability to withstand the stress of this driving event. You are fully responsible for finding and remedying any safety issues prior to the event.

Per our insurance requirements, all entrants must be 18 years of age or older and show a valid driver's license at registration.

Items Covered in the Vehicle Technical Inspection:

  • Adequate tire tread
  • Proper tire inflation
  • Loose items removed
  • No cracks in Window in Drivers View
  • Seat belts in good condition and working order
  • Driver and passenger seats secure
  • Brake lights functional
  • Ensure the positive terminal on the battery is properly covered
  • The battery needs to be mechanically secured to the car
  • The helmet requirement is Snell SA2000 or Snell M2000, or newer.
  • Roll bar (convertibles)
  • Eye protection (convertibles)


  1. Convertibles are defined as cars with retractable tops, whether soft-top or folding hard top and all cars without any top.
  2. Convertibles must use a 5- or 6-point harness for each occupant.
  3. Cars equipped with only factory pop-up posts or similarly activated rollover protection are not allowed.
  4. Cars with factory installed, fixed roll over protection (targas, T-Tops, etc) are a Cascade Sports Car Club decision on an individual basis.
  5. The roll bar must be within 6 inches of the back of the occupants' helmets and the top of the helmets must be below the top of the roll bar.  If the roll bar is farther than 6 inches away from the back of the helmets, the top of the roll bar must be 2 inches above the top of the helmet and the occupants must pass a helmet reference plane standard.
  6. Material, welding, bracing and mounting plates for roll bars must meet certain standards.  Listed below are a few of the standards.  Be sure to review the entire Appendix E for a complete list of roll bar standards in the "CSCC Convertible Roll Bar Requirements".
    • Material - Drawn Over Mandrel mild steel tubing (SAE 101,1020,1025 or equivalent)
    • Size of tubing is based on vehicle curb weight.  Curb weight includes fluids but not occupants.
      • Under 2000 lbs, 1.50 x 0.120 or 1.75 x 0.090 inches  (outside diameter x wall thickness)
      • 2001 lbs - 3500lbs, 1.75 x 0.120 inches (outside diameter x wall thickness)
      • over 3500 lbs, 2.00 x 0.120 inches (outside diameter x wall thickness)
    • Welding shall conform to American Welding Society D1.1, Structural Welding Code, Chapter 10, Tubular Structures
    • Bracing, roll bars shall have two (2) fore/aft braces with tubing diameter and wall thickness the same as the roll bar.  Roll bars shall have a diagonal brace with tubing the same size as the roll bar.
    • Mounting plates for roll bar hoops and braces shall be attached to the chassis and must be at least 3/16-inch thick.  If mounting plates are bolted they shall have a minimum of three (3) bolts per mounting plate.
    • The list above are a few of the standards required for roll bars.  Be sure to read and understand the entire Appendix E to avoid having your roll bar fail inspection at our Driver Trainings.

Entries (17)

Brian King
Frank McKinnon
Stanton Warner
Steven Smith
William Ibbetson
Kristen Ling
Scott Haynes
Douglas Hedges

Portland Int'l Raceway

Portland, OR
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