Sat, Jan 6 - Sun, Jan 7, 2024

Cars On Ice - Ice X Jan 6/7 2024

Barnes Lake

About this event

Join us on January 6th/7th, 2024 for a weekend's worth of ICE-X!

Ice-X offers a safe environment for both new and experienced drivers wanting to learn how to drive better, find the limits of their car in low traction conditions, and have some fun. We aim to create an inclusive community for participants looking to do something different during the winter months.

Ice-X is similar to an Auto-X event, but on ice:

  • Competitors take turns trying to set a fast lap time around a set course 
  • Hitting cones or going off course incurs penalties against your times
  • Cars are classed based on drivetrain and tires (AWD, FWD, or RWD, on either Rubber or Street-Studded tires)
  • Your fastest lap time from the morning and afternoon sessions on both days are combined for a total score
  • We run a Run/Work/Break format with a lunch break (catered on site)
  • We run two concurrent courses: one timed, and one practice track for your break period to keep things fun


The event is held on Barnes Lake, near Ashcroft, BC, Canada and is approximately a 4 hour drive from Vancouver. Be prepared for varied travel conditions and allow for extra time.  

Accommodations are available in Ashcroft or Cache Creek, or you can choose to camp overnight next to the lake. If you choose the latter, make sure you are well prepared for the cold since temperatures can go as low as -20°C during the daytime (and therefore potentially colder at night).


This event is capped at 60 participants.

Entry Fee:

  • $150 - Two Day (Weekend) Event 

Hot Lunch:

  • $40 - Both Days

Event requirements

The ICE-X Weekend event will be limited to a maximum of 60 paid participants per day plus organizing volunteers.

Tentative Schedule
  8:00 am – Gates & tech open
  8:20 am – Tech closes
  8:30 am – Mandatory drivers meeting
  9:00 am – On track sessions begin
 11:45 am – Lunch
  3:00 pm – On track activities cease
  4:00 pm – Return to your local watering hole for refreshments or camp on site

*The schedule is tentative and subject to change during the event.

Vehicle Requirements
Your car must be in good mechanical condition and on snow tires (studded OR rubber).

Technical inspection (more on this below) shall be mandatory for all cars, with special attention given to brakes, suspension, throttle linkages, and loose articles in the car. Ensure your car does not leak anything!

Your car must be wider than it is tall: the average track width must be wider than the overall height of your vehicle, in order to minimize the risk of rollover potential. 

You must have a proper tow hook installed (strongly recommended to have two, one in front and one in the rear) – a decorative one from Amazon etc. will not be sufficient! Vehicles which spin off track and become stuck will be towed out. WCIRABC will not be held liable for any damage caused to vehicles due to towing required to get you unstuck.

Repeated towing which causes race delays will be subject to a discussion with the organizers and may result in penalties or removal from the event.


  1. The online waiver must be signed before you will be permitted to step or drive onto the ice.
  2. Drivers' meetings are mandatory.
  3. Helmets are required! (SA or M 2015+)
  4. The speed limit in the pits is a maximum of 10 KPH.
  5. For the safety of those on the ice, headlights must be illuminated when on the racing surface. (Do not use flood lamps as they pose a risk of blinding turn workers if you are headed straight at them).
  6. Competitors who appear to be driving out of control or posing a risk to other persons or equipment on the ice may be disqualified from participating.
  7. Anyone using a camera at turn stations must have a spotter. Please seek permission from event organizers if you would like to go out to the infield for media purposes. Anyone wishing to fly drones must ask permission from the organizers ahead of time. Pilots must have a Transport Canada advanced operations license and a $5 million liability insurance policy, a copy of which must be provided to the organizers in advance.
  8. All vehicles parked on the ice must have a tarp or other suitable method of catching any possible fluid leaks. This item must cover the entire area beneath your engine and transmission and rear differential (if applicable).
  9. All fluid containers other than water must be left on shore unless “double bagged” (e.g. a gas canister must be inside a secondary tote or blanket).
  10. Adding any fluids to the vehicle must be done on the shore. This includes refueling. 
  11. KEEP THE LAKE CLEAN! This includes spills, food and drink waste, cigarette butts, and fender liners. If it doesn’t belong in the lake, keep it off the ice.
  12. All participants in Cars on Ice events are expected to drive on public roads in a manner which reflects well on the club and motorsport in general. No hooning to and from the lake! No unsanctioned fun runs after hours! Cars on Ice has a 50+ year history with Barnes Lake; we would like to continue building on this legacy. Local authorities know we are up here, and in such small communities, we are visible. Organizers reserve the right to ban participants from future events for any untoward behaviour.



  1. Self tech is required prior to the Technical Inspector approving the vehicle for competition. Each driver is required to complete the Technical Self-Declaration Form, which can be found by clicking here or scanning the QR code below:
  2. If a race vehicle does not comply with one or more of the safety requirements, the Technical Inspector, in consultation with the event organizers, may or may not let the vehicle compete.

A comprehensive list of rules can be found here:


Entries (94)

Denis Boffa
Taylour Wargo
Tristan Schon
Daniel Sipes-Brandt
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Eddy Jorgenson
Ian Fry
Dan Barker

Barnes Lake

Ashcroft, BC
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Ice Racing organized by

Cars On Ice (WCIRABC)

Cars On Ice - Ice X Jan 6/7 2024

Sat, Jan 6 - Sun, Jan 7, 2024