Sat, Apr 23 - Sun, Apr 24, 2022

CARBS Thunder Alley 455 Driver/Crew Registration

Rockingham Speedway

About this event

VIntage to current era stock cars are invited to Rockingham Speedway for the 2022 CARBS series inaugural event.

UPDATE:  As of 4-12-2022 Saturday, April 23rd will transition to a non-spectator HPDE event with HPDE run session available on the Oval for stock cars. Sunday, April 24 will be available to all Thunder Alley 455 participants as a second day of HPDE track access.

*UPDATE* As of 4/10/2022 we have added a Display/Tribute/Street Legal entry for cars that are not eligible or suitable to run with the HPDE/Exhibition Race group.  Entry will include space for exhibiting your car, (unused CARBS garage spots will be available on a first registered, first claimed basis, there should be plenty to go around) and the opportunity for lower speed track lap sessions with 30-40 minutes of total track time available spread out between 9am and 3pm.

All on-track activity at CARBS officiated events unless otherwise co-sanctioned and presided over by an outside body (SGP/Flatheads/Allison Legacy etc.) will be considered High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) events for the participants.  As such, all participants will be expected to be in full control of their vehicles at all times and no official runs for "speed" will be allowed unless under official controlled conditions in a single-car environment with no overtaking.  Those situations would be considered as a "trackcross" solo activity.  During all multi-car sessions, drivers should always maintain a wide "margin of error" with their overall and especially corner speeds and car maneuvers.  All passing will be done either A: pre-arranged and signaled with a point or B: to the outside of a car that is signaling their intention to yield by maintaining a position in the lowest groove available on the track at a clearly lower speed.

Any drivers that have not had prior on-track experience will have to undergo basic training with M4theM instructors as part of their practice time.  All drivers that have never driven at a CARBS or M4theM event will have to perform a "check session" as a lead/follow with an M4theM instructor as part of their practice sessions.

Each car will receive a minimum of 4 Morning practice sessions, 1 10-12 minute shakedown, 3 15 minute practice sessions.
Each Car will be given an opportunity to participate in a single-car, 2 lap qualifying session where lap times will be recorded and recognition will be given.
Each Car will be allowed one after-qualifying "happy hour" practice session of 15 minutes.
Each car that has sufficient safety gear to participate will be given the opportunity to participate in a 30 lap mock race exhibition session where drivers simulate a race environment to a pre-planned and pre-determined outcome.
Each car that does not possess sufficient safety gear for open passing race conditions will receive an additional 20 minutes of practice conditions as an exhibition of their car for the fans in lieu of participating in the full exhibition mock-race.

All drivers and crew should be prepared to maintain a neat and orderly garage stall at all times.  Spectators will be invited to observe garage activity and when appropriate, verbally interact with drivers and crew as well as allow photo ops of driver/crew and car.  All interactions with fans should be kind and courteous and in a spirit that promotes fellow drivers and crews as well as M4theM/CARBS.  It will be the responsibility of each crew to assure spectators remain in appropriate areas of your garage stall.  They will be instructed where to approach cars/persons and how to interact.  If you observe someone acting outside the parameters we set, it is your responsibility to attract the attention of an M4theM garage steward to address the situation.  

Event requirements

All participants MUST attend a pre-practice driver meeting before taking the track.
All car owners MUST complete the tech sheet BEFORE arriving at the track. 
Tech sheet for all full caged former or current race cars is found at the following link FULL CAGE RACE CAR TECH
If your car is a non-rollcage tribute or street legal tribute, or old enough antique it lacks modern safety you need to fill out the following tech sheet.  Tribute/Street Legal Tech

A supplemental rules sheet will also be forwarded to all drivers that have registered when it is completed.  It will include expected safety prep for all cars that go beyond the basic safety requirements in this registration.  If the main rule book is complete before the TNT date, it will be made available via PDF document at

Basic safety.  For all Exhibition Race entries: 

Secure Racing seat approved and appropriate to era the vehicle raced or newer racing seat.  A full containment modern seat is recommended.  Properly attached SFI/FIA approved 5+ point racing harnesses in good repair.  There is currently no date requirement as long as they are in good working condition with no signs of tears, excessive wear, or impact damage to the webbing/attachment points.
Snell SA 2015 or newer helmet.
Cotton outerwear at minimum.  No polyester or other meltable fabric, Nomex drivers suit and gloves recommended
One charged B-C 2.5lb Vehicle Fire Extinguisher
securely mounted by manufacturer-supplied hardware, within the driver's reach while strapped in the seat   Up to date racing fire suppression system recommended.
A secure window net system must be in place equal to or exceeding the requirements of the era in which the vehicle was raced.  Vehicles raced prior to window net rules MUST have a net system in place to participate in Exhibition Races.
All drivers must be able to enter and exit their cars under their own power.
All drivers must be able to remove the window net (crew assistance allowed to secure before the session) and reach the fire extinguisher or suppression system master switch as well as all toggles and controls for the vehicle while fully secured with tight belts within the racing seat. 
All cars with a manual throttle cable are required to have a throttle/off pull-back pedal or sufficient room to reach under the pedal with their foot to release tension in case of a stuck throttle.

Any vehicles not meeting the above safety requirements shall be allowed to participate in Exhibition Parade-Only sessions by meeting the minimum rules below.

For all Exhibition Parade-Only vehicles, the vehicle must operate as it did when raced with the minimum safety equipment as was in place during the time period it was raced. 
All Parade-Only cars MUST have lap seat belts at a minimum. 
Fire extinguishers are encouraged.
Any additional modern safety equipment is encouraged even in Parade-Only cars.|

By registering for this event you attest:  For the period of 5 years, you will not engage in as a participant nor serve as an organizer, volunteer or employee of any other "Vintage Stock Car Event Organization" that did not exist on or before the date of this registration.  You are free to race, and participate in any way with any organization that had existed and in the past already held vintage racing events prior to this registration so long as they do not expand their operations into like or competing events of such scope and structure as M4theM/CARBS presents on or before the date of this registration.  You may become or remain a member of any racing organization or car/driver club so long as they do not host or organize events that are in competition with the scope, form and event dates of M4theM/CARBS events.

Oil Down insurance.  Optional oil down insurance can be purchased for $50 per car.  If purchased, no oil down bills will be issued to the driver/car purchasing the insurance.  All others opting out will be charged with a minimum of $150 per incident when their vehicle has caused a spill/oil down where absorbent is employed up to 6 bags of absorbent.  An additional $25 per 25# bag will be charged if more than 6 bags of absorbent is used.

These rules are subject to change at any time.

Entries (8)

Timothy Tew
Thomas Hensley
Joe Jackson
Mike Daurity
William Davis
Jeff Cini
Cody Dennison

Rockingham Speedway

Rockingham, NC


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