Sat, Jun 2 - Sun, Jun 3, 2018

Buttonwillow AROSC TT & Races

Buttonwillow Raceway

About this event

AROSC has taken over the event from NCRC as the host club.

$150 per day. All makes and models welcome! The run groups will not be crowded!

We will run the full track, configuration 13 CW, which includes the Bus Stop on the back section. This will level the playing field a bit between the high horsepower cars and the smaller, lighter cars.

Our Run Groups:

-      HPDE School Group:  For people  who have limited or no track driving experience. Includes classroom sessions and on-track exercises. Saturday only. Graduates can run in the Beginner TT group on Sunday.

-      Beginner TT Group:  Passing only on straights and only with a point-by. This is for people with roughly 1 to 9 track days or who think they would be uncomfortable with less restrictive passing. Classroom sessions included.

-      Intermediate TT Group:  Passing is allowed anywhere on track but only with a point-by. This is for people who have about 10 to 20 track days.

-      Advanced TT Group:  This is for people with 20-plus track days or race school experience. SAFE passing allowed anywhere on the track, point bys recommended.

-      Race Wheel to wheel racing action. Experienced drivers only! 

Saturday Night dinner at the Willow Ranch, 7 PM or so. Bench racing, tall tale telling, great food and friends!

Accommodations - Motel 6 Central. Tell them you're with the Alfa Romeo club to get the special club rate of $49.99

You can find more details at:

AROSC - Taking it to the track since 1972!

Event requirements

Quick summary of required safety equipment: 

Required Safety Equipment:

All Time Trial & HPDE cars require:

  • Factory seat belt in good working order.
  • Snell 2010 or better helmet.
  • Gloves - Leather or Nomex. No holes or synthetic materials.
  • Natural fiber clothing extending from neck to wrist & ankles.
  • Convertibles: Must have Roll bars extending 2” above top of helmet. “Factory” or “street” bars acceptable for HPDE & Solo groups only.

Additional safety equipment requirements, Intermediate/Point-by Time Trial cars:

  • Five point harness if car is 1999 or older, or heavily modified.

Additional safety equipment requirements, Advanced/Open Passing Time Trial and Race cars:

  • Five point harness.
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Nomex driving suit (Race only).
  • Full cage (6 pt min) (Race only).
  • Arm Restraints, open cars (Race only)

Please refer to the AROSC Self Tech form for complete tech & safety information.

Entries (74)

Mark Manda
David Ross
Gary Glazier
Daniel Han
Kyoo Choi
Paul Chung
Eric Ng
John Feng

Buttonwillow Raceway

Buttonwillow, CA
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