Sun, Oct 11, 2020

BRR-SCCA VIR 2020 Track Sprint #2

Virginia International Raceway

About this event

 Track Sprint for BRR, Blue Ridge Region SCCA is proud to announce a  Track Sprint on Virginia International Raceway's Patriot Course on October 11, 2020.


  • Blue Ridge Region SCCA is proud to announce the secod Track Sprint of 2020 held on Virginia International Raceway's Patriot course on October 11th, 2020.  This event will operate under SCCA Track sprint rules , and will take place rain or shine. The event will be run as a Track Sprint, with each car launched at least 30 seconds after the previous car was launched. Entry will be limited to 80 participants in order to provide everyone with ample seat time.  We will be doing non-timed runs in the morning for course familiarization and timed runs in the afternoon.This event will be held with safety as a top priority. Time trial rules can be found at

BRR SCCA Pandemic Event Operating Procedures

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Situational Awareness

Please read this entire document before you register for the event. That will allow you to make
an educated decision about attending the event 

If you are at higher risk for severe illness, or if you are sick, or if you have been in contact with
anyone that is sick in the last two weeks, or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms such as fever,
cough or shortness of breath, please stay home.

BRR will provide nitrile gloves for workers, cleaning supplies for equipment, and hand sanitizer
for use by all participants.

Participants must supply their own face covering / mask. If you don’t have a mask you will not
be permitted to participate and be asked to leave the event site.

Things are not “normal”. The world has changed. Please remember that. Limit physical
contact; refrain and discourage hugs, handshakes, and high-fives.

  • Registration

All registration, payment, and check in will be done electronically on

Online pre-registration will be open until midnight on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Payments will be processed the after the event.

Please understand that the steps above are the only way to register and participate in this
event. If you show up and are unable or unwilling to register this way, you will not be able to

  • Face masks

A properly worn face mask (covering nose and mouth) is required any time you are outside of
your car.

  • Loaner helmets

BRR loaner helmets will not be available. This does not exempt you from the requirement to
wear an approved helmet when you compete. Participants should not share helmets.


Event Entry Fee: Drivers
SCCA Members  $120

Non-Members     $135 (includes Weekend Membership)

If you are attending the Track Sprint as a non-driving crew member you must register (there is a no cost crew member option), as well as print and sign the waivers.

If there are enough entrants we may offer a limited number of Course Worker Passes ($30) that will release you from your course working assignment.  Look for an announcement  closer to the event date. 


Event requirements

Everyone (drivers and crew) must print and sign these three waivers before arriving at VIR

SCCA Waiver

K&K Waiver

COVID Waiver

Entrants must show the Event Registrar their valid driver's license.

SCCA membership or Weekend membership is required for all entrants. Walk up registration is not available for this event.

 All drivers and passengers are required to wear a helmet. All helmets must meet Snell Foundation standards (SA2020, SA2015, SA2010, SAH2010)  


This event will be held with safety as a top priority with the following added rules:

Tech and safety requirements for your car

What class am I in?  SCCA Time Trials Classing

You must download and bring this form:  Time Trial Tech Form

  • o    Participants should arrive with the tech form filled out and signed
    o    The red section will be completed on site by tech inspection
    o    long pants, long sleeves, and closed toed shoes are required while driving.
    o    Helmets must be sa2010 equivalent or newer 
    o    All convertibles must have a VIR-approved roll bar, cage, or factory rollover protection.
    •    Two-off or spin rule
    o    First two-off or spin will result in a warning or “cooling off” period, at the discretion of event officials
    o    Second two-off or spin may result in disqualification from the event
    •    One car will be released at a time. There will not be another car in proximity to another on course.
    •    Volunteer instructors will be available during the untimed sessions.
    •    VIR Fire and EMS will be on site in case of emergency
    •    All participants or accompanying parties will be required to sign in at the front gate of Virginia International Raceway when entering the track
    o    Registration will be made available at the following link
    •    Lodging will be available at VIR. Please contact the track at 434-822-7700. Camping will also be available for tents and RV's. VIR will charge you for camping at the gate.
    •    VIR does not allow pounding stakes into any paved or concrete surfaces.
    •    Competitors are responsible for all damages to the track is. Guard rails, tire walls, paved surfaces, fences.
    •    Drones are not allowed on VIR premises.

    •    No driver, entrant, or crew may consume alcohol until all practice, racing, or track time for his group is finished for the day. Anyone who has consumed any alcohol on the day of an event, other than following the conclusion of his activities, shall not participate on that day, may be excluded from the balance of the event, and may be penalized. Alcohol may not be consumed in the pits until after all the day’s on track activities are concluded. Performance impairing substances are prohibited at all times.
    •    Unless specifically authorized by the Chief Steward, passengers are not allowed in a vehicle unless an instructor is driving.
    •    Procedures will be defined by the operating officials and communicated to the participants during the drivers' meeting and in the supplemental regulations.
    •    SEDIV Time Trials do not require weighing of cars as part of technical inspection, nor impounding of cars at the conclusion of each heat/session.
    •    The SCCA provides event liability and participant accident coverage for those who are properly registered (including waivers and credentials if necessary). Access to some areas require SCCA membership (weekend memberships are available).
    •    There are no restrictions on tire usage during an SEDIV championship event, provided they meet the required class tire restrictions and safety requirements.
    •    Everyone in attendance must properly follow applicable rules and regulations of the event

    Event officials
    • Event lead
    o Steffen Clark

  • • Competition directors
    o Steve Strickland
    o Henry Lehmann
    o Steffen Clark

  • • Driver coaches
    o Steffen Clark
    o David Clemens
    o Steve Strickland

  • • Tech inspectors
    o Steffen Clark
    o David Clemens

  • • Time Trials course inspector
    o Steve Strickland, Jon Krolewicz (off site)

  • • Safety stewards
    o Steve Strickland
    o Henry Lehmann
    o Kevin Bowman
    o Rob Leslie

  • • Timing chief
    o Henry Lehmann
    o Steffen Clark

  • • Ambassador (registrar)
    o Kevin Bowman
    o Ray Schumin

  • • Worker chief
    o Steffen Clark
    o Henry Lehmann

  • Event questions or help registering may be directed to one of the following people:
    Steffen Clark: or 540-312-7223
    Henry Lehmann:

    Preliminary Schedule
    7AM: setup for trailer, grid, timing equipment
    7AM- 8AM: driver check-in and tech
    8AM: Mandatory drivers’ meeting (all hands, no exceptions)
    8:30-9:10 Group 1
    9:20-10 Group 2
    10:10-10:50 Group 3
    11-12 Lunch (charity laps on full course with NCR)
    12-1:40 Group 1 timed runs
    1:50-3:30 Group 2 timed runs
    3:40-5:20 Group 3 timed runs

Entries (36)

Jonathan Alabran
Sebastian Bukvic
Ivica Bukvic
Clarence Davis
Rob Leslie
Jim Mason
Stephen Miller
Duston Grubbs

Virginia International Raceway

Alton, VA
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SCCA - Blue Ridge Region

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