Sun, Sep 18, 2022

BRR SCCA 2022 Solo Event #9

Salem Civic Center

About this event

BRR-SCCA 2022  Solo Championship Event #9

Salem Civic Center

1001 Roanoke Blvd

Salem, VA 24153



  • BRR SCCA Event Operating Procedures

Please read this entire document before you register for the event. That will allow you to make an educated decision about attending the event

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Situational Awareness

If you are at higher risk for severe illness, or if you are sick, or if you have been in contact with anyone that is sick in the last two weeks, or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, please stay home.

The world has changed.  Please remember that and be respectful of others efforts to be safe.

If you are working in the trailer, a properly worn face mask (covering nose and mouth) is suggested, but not required.  Face masks are optional everywhere else on site.

  • Registration

SCCA membership is required for all entrants. Weekend Memberships are available for those who are not current SCCA members.

Weekend Memberships cost $10.00. The membership period is 5 consecutive days from the date of purchase. A Weekend Membership entitles you to a $15.00 discount when applying for a Regular SCCA Membership. The discount is good for 60 days. Limit two $15.00 discounts for a total of $30.00.

The SCCA Membership Application is available here:

All registration, payment, and check in will be done electronically on Online pre-registration will be open until midnight the day before the event.

We will leave registration open until 9:00 AM on the day of the event.  You must complete online registration and payment by that time.  We strongly suggest that you pre-register. There will be a $20 late registration fee for online registration after midnight the day before the event. 

Payments will be processed the after the event.

  • Spectators, co-drivers, passengers

Spectators are allowed. 

Co-drivers and passengers are allowed.

  • Driver’s meeting

The driver’s meeting will be available on the public address system.  A face mask is optional at the driver's meeting.

The run work order will be posted on the BRR live timing site at

  • Tech Inspection

Entrants must fill out the self tech certification in the online registration form.

Tech inspection may occur at the event

  • Course walking

There will be a guided course walk.

  • Water

Participants are encouraged to bring their own drinks for proper hydration during the event. BRR will have a limited supply of un-refrigerated bottled water for course workers.

  • Trophies

There will be an awards ceremony following the event.

  • Class Definitions

LADIES - will be scored on the PAX of the respective base class entered.  Participation in the LADIES class is at the discretion of the entrant.

NOVICE -   can be entered by participants that have entered less than 10 autocrosses or who have not completed a full season of Solo events. The NOVICE is scored on the PAX of each novice entrant. Participation in the NOVICE class is at the discretion of the entrant.

MASTERS - is for drivers age 60 and over, and will be scored on the PAX of the respective base class entered.  Participation in MASTERS is at the discretion of the entrant.

OPEN is for drivers who want to compete with others in their base class. Open is scored on time.

  • Working

Entrants will be required to work, failure to do so, will result in working twice before they will be allowed to run in another Blue Ridge Region solo event



Sunday September 18,  2022  Solo  Event #3
Registration Online Registration will close at 9:00 AM
Driver's meeting (mandatory): 10:30 AM
First car off: 11:00 AM


Current SCCA Member: (Must present membership card)

Single Day


Others: (Includes mandatory SCCA Weekend Membership)

Single Day


Late registration
Current SCCA Member: (Must present membership card)

Single Day


Others: (Includes mandatory SCCA Weekend Membership)

Single Day


Please contact or 540-290-2797 if you have any questions.


Event requirements


  • Helmets

All drivers and passengers are required to wear a helmet

Helmets meeting the following standards must be worn while on course:

Snell Memorial Foundation standards EA 2016, SA2020, SA2015, SA2010, SAH2010, M2020D, M2020R, M2015, M2010, K2020, K2015, K2010; SFI standards 31.1/2020, 31.1/2015, 31.1/2010, 41.1/2020, 41.1/2015, 41.1/2010; ECE 22.05* or R22.05*; FIA standards 8860-2018, 8860-2018-ABP, 8859-2015, 8860-2010.

Full face or modular helmets shall be worn while competing in an open wheel car, formula car, or kart. Face shield, goggles, or similar face protection (conventional eyeglasses are not sufficient) shall be worn while competing in any other vehicle with less than the standard-size windshield.

For maximum protection, helmets must fi t securely and should provide adequate peripheral vision. The chin strap must be securely fastened.

* NOT VALID AFTER 12-31-2022: Helmets only meeting one of the listed ECE standards

You can check your helmet by downloading this document

and comparing it to the certification label on your helmet.

BRR loaner helmets will be available.  A head sock must be worn (available for $2 each) when using a loaner helmet.



Entries (86)

Justin Cramer
James Cramer
Timothy Harvey
Gaurav Polo
Patrick Duncan
Joshua Kimberlin
Tyler Teer
Camden Alls

Salem Civic Center

Salem, VA


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Blue Ridge Region

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