Fri, Jan 1 - Sat, Jul 24, 2021

Bridge City Autosports 2021 Standard Membership

Portland Int'l Raceway

About this event

Bridge City Autosports Membership grants you discounted entry into all Points Events for the season of membership.

Additionally, only Members are eligible to accrue championship points throughout the year at Points Events. Non-member placement at events does not affect the points accrual of members.

Our 2021 prices and Membership Passes are as follows:

Pass Option Pass Price Benefits Example Date Available
None (Nonmember) NA

- BCA gets more money from you
- No points

Eight Events x $40 = $320
(No savings)

Earlybird Membership $40 - $28 Event fees
- Championship Points eligible 
Eight Events x $28 = $224
(After $40 pass means savings of $56)
BEFORE January 1, 2021
Standard Membership $40 - $31 Event fees
- Championship Points eligible
Eight Events x $31 = $248
(After $40 pass means savings of $32)
AFTER January 1, 2021

Portland Int'l Raceway

Portland, OR
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Bridge City Autosports

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