Sat, Oct 7, 2023

Boost Foundation 4Hour Charity Endurance Race 2023

Apex Karting Center

About this event

Things to Know

Race date: Oct 7 @ Apex Racing Center.  Green flag drops at 5:45.

This race will be run in coordination with Tri-C Karters as a part of the race finale weekend.

  1. All entry fees will go to the Boost Foundation -  A charity driven to make a positive impact for those living with Cystic Fibrosis through education to the public, providing once in a lifetime motorsport experiences to those with CF and giving a face to this profoundly complex disease. The Boost Foundation is a certified 501(c3) based in Southern California.
  2. Race starting grid and pit spot assignments are determined by order of paid entries received.
  3. A team may have a maximum of 4 drivers.One driver may be a Junior driver and must have attained the age of 13.
  4. All teams will be loaned a new, broken in Tillotson T-225RS engine provided by RLV that  must be used for the Endurance race.  Clutch and engine mount will not be provided. Each team is required to install the engine on their chassis and install a legal racing clutch (any clutch legal for the LO-206 can be used). Engine will come with oil in it. Race oil will also be provided for  required oil change during event
  5. The engine must be returned to Tri-C after the completion of the race. Teams must remove the engine from the chassis.
  6. All used race engines will be available to purchase for $500 (not including clutch and engine mount) after the event.
  7. Spec Tires: Hoosier R70B
  8. Spec Fuel: 87 octane pump gas. 

    *Mixing of fuel brands or types is ILLEGAL and will result in a DQ. Any additives, whether they are performance enhancing or not, are ILLEGAL and will result in a DQ (with the exception of manufacturer additives present in pump gas from the pump).

    *It is advised to purchase pump fuel the day of the race.  A test sample of both fuels will be taken that day and used by Post Tech for comparison.

    Legal 87 octane pump gas can be purchased at this local station only:

    Mobil Station

    3995 N. Perris Blvd

    Perris, CA 92571




Event requirements

ALL attendees (drivers, mechanics, spectators) must sign the insurance waiver and purchase a wristband before entering the event
(your Saturday practice day event band is good for this event)
A Membership/License is not required to enter this race. 
This event is run utilizing Tri-C Karters 2023 rule set.
Hoosier R70B Tires are the spec tire for this event.
All drivers and a parent/guardian must attend the drivers' meeting at the beginning of the event.
Trophies and prizes will be awarded a
t the conclusion of racing in a formal podium ceremony.

Entries (21)

Maximilian Bui
Truly Adams
Joshua Morales
Gary Hall
Duane Lawson
Taylor Miinch
Nick Rajewski
Pietro Moro

Apex Karting Center

Perris, CA


Karting organized by

Tri-C Karters

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