Fri, Oct 14, 2022

BMW CVC Lime Rock Park HPDE - Oct. 14, 2022

Lime Rock Park

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Come out and join the Connecticut Valley Chapter for an all day High Performance Driving School at Lime Rock Park on Friday, October 14, 2022.  We are sharing the track with another group and we have alternating one hour time slots on track starting at 10:00 a.m.  All run groups will get four, 20 minute track sessions with traditional in-car instruction.  All drivers are placed in a run group based upon their track experience and Instructor recommendation

Registration is limited to 50 students!

Cost is $375.00 per driver.

Registration closes when the school is full or midnight October 9, whichever comes first.  Students will be placed on a wait list once their class (run group) is full.

This is the last school that comes with a 100% COVID related refund guarantee if you are unable to make it for any reason related to a COVID issue.  Cancelations for any other reason will incur a $50 cancelation fee.

A Congratulations letter and detailed event information will be emailed to you upon your acceptance into this school.

Important: Emails tend to get quicker responses, if calling please call between 6:00-8:00 pm ONLY


Registrar: Patrick Delany 860.794.4935

Instructor Questions: Michael Menatian 860-561-1677

We look forward to seeing you at the track!



Event requirements

Please read the following rules and requirements for attending our driving school at Lime Rock BEFORE YOU REGISTER!  Failure to comply will result in your exclusion from the event and NO REFUND.

  • YOU MUST BE A CURRENT BMWCCA MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SCHOOL.  You may apply for membership by calling (864) 250-0022 and pay by credit card to obtain your membership number which must be on your application form at registration.
  • All participants, students and instructors, must answer a question about their COVID-19 vaccination status as part of the registration process:

I am now or will be fully vaccinated as of the event start date (meaning I am/will be at least 14 days beyond my final vaccination shot.)

I will not be fully vaccinated as of the event start date.

I decline to disclose my vaccination status as of the event start date. (Note: choosing this option will classify your vaccination status as not fully vaccinated as of the event start date). 

Student/Instructor pairing requires information about your vaccination status for COVID-19.  And, C and D run groups must have in-car instruction, Lead/Follow is not a option for the C and D run groups.  Both student and instructor must accept the vaccination status of each other.  In the event a participant refuses to disclose their vaccination status to the satisfaction of the other and in-car instruction is required for their participation in this event, either as a student or instructor, the registration will be cancelled.

  • ALL CARS MUST BE PRE-TECHED & COMPLETED FORM (Pre-Event Tech Inspection Form 2020-09-14.pdf ) SIGNED.  Note the that the 2020 form does not require a shop inspection.  Inspection must be carried out by a qualified individual who is familiar with the make and model of the vehicle. The participant is solely responsible for determining the inspector’s qualifications and abilities to evaluate the vehicle being inspected.
  • Registration will be under the tower instead of in the tower, to allow for proper separation while waiting (look for the CVC blade flags and pop-up awning).  A valid drivers license is required at registration and you must sign the club waiver (with your own pen).  We will provide you with a sealed packet of numbers and wristband. You MUST complete BOTH trackside tech & registration BEFORE attending the MANDATORY 8:30 a.m. Driver’s Meeting.
  • The loaner helmet program is suspended, all participants must bring their own helmet.
  • The Lime Rock Café (concession stand will be open).  You may bring your own food and beverage or use the concession stand.
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older to drive and/or be a passenger in any car on the track. Only entrants/instructors/workers are allowed in a car on the track.  Non-participating/non-working event guests are not allowed rides in student or instructor cars. (Lime Rock’s insurance requirements, not ours).
  • SNELL 2015, or 2020 SA, EA or M helmets are REQUIRED.  SNELL 2010 helmets are now obsolete and not allowed.  No exceptions - please check your helmet!
  • All cars must be muffled to meet Lime Rock Park’s regulations. Lime Rock's sound limit for BMW CCA events is 87dB. For information, contact Lime Rock at 860-435-5000.
  • Factory seatbelts, street legal harnesses, and 5 or 6-point competition harnesses and 4 point Schroth belts with anti-submarine feature are permitted. 4-point competition harnesses are not permitted. All must have metal-to-metal buckles and be in sound condition. Belts must be mounted using the factory mounting points and/or be mounted per the SCCA General Competition Rules. Equivalent restraints and seats must be provided for driver and passenger. ALL student's cars MUST have a passenger seat for an Instructor.
  • ATTENTION CONVERTIBLES, OPEN CARS, AND CARS WITH REMOVABLE ROOF SECTIONS: NO REFUNDS DAY OF EVENT IF YOU FAIL THE BMW CCA BROOMSTICK TEST - "The top of the roll bar shall be a minimum of two (2) inches above the top of the driver's (and passenger's) helmet with the driver (and passenger) seated normally and restrained by seat belt/shoulder harness. A plane (Helmet Reference Plane) drawn from the top (not including padding) of the roll bar to structural parts of the chassis of the front suspension strut/shock towers shall pass over the driver's (and passenger's) helmet."
  • CAMERAS: Any camera must be securely mounted and additionally constrained with a safety tether. Mount must be of a design that will not present a safety hazard to any occupant of the vehicle. Hook & loop, Velcro, etc. type fasteners are NOT allowed.  External mounted cameras are NOT allowed.
  • Any incident involving your vehicle, where damage occurs or injury occurs, Connecticut Valley Chapter BMW CCA, event organizers, and event instructors, shall not be held liable.
  • Any damage caused to the paddock or track, including safety barriers, is the responsibility of the participant. Note that the track may request payment on-site.
  • The driver’s school committee reserves the right to deny entry based upon vehicle type and/or condition at any time, up to and including the day of the event.
  • We DO NOT accept walk-ins or substitutes the day of the event.

Entries (91)

Harry Greenhouse
Nicholas Grizey
John B. Morrison
Paul DeSanto
Chris Cavallero
Ronald Bass
Christophe Gueret
Joe Savarese

Lime Rock Park

Lakeville, CT
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