Mon, Jul 3, 2023

BMW CCO and Autovation at Calabogie

Calabogie Motorsports Park

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BMW CCO and Autovation @ Calabogie 

 The BMW Car Club of Ottawa is pleased to join Autovation in hosting a single day Advanced Driving School on July 3, 2023

The event will be held at Calabogie Motorsports Park located near Calabogie Ontario.
   Meet friends old and new!
   Get lots of track time!

Most street legal plated and insured automobiles / brands are welcome.

Driver Registration Fees: Canadian Dollars

One Day - Monday

$425.00 + Tax Open to all Drivers

$50 discount Early Bird (before May 1)

Candidates with no prior track driving experience may be eligible for a $35 discount off registration fees for their first event.  Please contact the registrar for details.

Instructors are provided for all students

As with all BMWCCO event, the atmosphere is always friendly

Event requirements


  • Calabogie is a fun and dynamic track that has been sought after and has provided years and years of enjoyment to all that have driven it.
  • Calobogie Motorsport Park
  • Curious or nervous about the driving event?
    • View our webinar recording at explaining the event and experience on YouTube
    • This webinar is created by one of our veteran instructors and club executive Francis Marquis
    • Also watch a first person view of hot lap of Porsche 718 GT4 on YouTube


  • Participants will require a helmet that is in good condition with a minimum SA2015
  • Calabogie has helmets available for rental if you do not own your own


  • Track Day Insurance for Canadian residents is available from:
  • Please check your with your policy and purchase as necessary if you are using your daily driver
  • There maybe a link to the Hagerty Track Insurance at the bottom of this page
    • However, Hagerty does not provide insurance for Canadian Tracks at this time


  • High centre-of-gravity vehicles (SUVs) are generally not eligible to participate due to a higher risk of rollover. Some models (BMW X1/X3/X5/X6, Porsche Cayenne/Macan) may be acceptable in the novice/beginner groups. Please check with us before registering to verify.
  • Non-plated specialty vehicles (track/race car) are approved on a case by case basis and are allowed in the Instructors and Advanced run groups only.
  • Convertible cars are eligible to participate if they have appropriate rollover protection. 
    • Please contact the registrar if you wish to participate with a convertible. 
  • Inspections will be arranged as required.
  • Basic requirements:
    • Factory Rollover protection (bars) like Z3, Z4, Boxster are OK for Novice/Beginner groups.
    • For more experienced students or instructors, full SCCA/CASC approved rollbars are required (bracing, proper tube size etc).
    • Broomstick rule will be applied (must be clearance over top of helmet).
    • 'Pop-up' protection like 3er or 911 convertibles are not sufficient.
  • Check with us first if you are in doubt!


  • You may register another driver.
  • You will have to supply full contact information including a valid e-mail address for the person you wish to register


  • If you are a member in good standing with one of these clubs, You will not have to pay the Non-Member Surcharge:
  • BMW CCA -  BMW CC- PCA - Audi  - NEQ - MCO


  • All vehicles must have a completed technical inspection performed by a registered automotive technician
  • Tech form is available on our Driving Event page
  • BMW Car Club of Ottawa members can have their Technical Inspection completed free at:

Autovation Auto Repair Shop

11 Sweetnam Dr, Stittsville, ON K2S 1G3

Phone:(613) 831-8714

  • ANY required repairs required after inspection have to be will be performed at the standard shop rate with a 10% reduction in labour cost if you are a BMWCCO member.

  BMW Car Club of Ottawa


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Calabogie Motorsports Park

Calabogie, ON
Download track map
Download track map


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BMW Car Club of Ottawa

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BMW CCO and Autovation at Calabogie
Calabogie Motorsports Park

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