About this event

The first autocross of the season! The may 15th event will be a non points event. A test and tune sort of thing. You are also encouraged to bring a friend to ride along, or let them try yours out. Who knows, maybe you can try out someone else's car.

Event requirements

Setup starts at 9:00 am, drivers meeting at 11:30, racing starts at noon. 


Tech Inspection

  • The interior and trunk are void of loose objects.
  • The tires are not corded or otherwise damaged and have the proper air pressure.
  • The seatbelts are functional.
  • The brakes have proper pressure and the braking system is in a maintained condition.
  • The throttle return functions.
  • Remove your floor mat. You don't need it getting caught in your pedals
  • The wheel bearings do not have significant play.
  • All lug nuts are present and torqued.
  • Hub caps and wheel covers are removed.
  • The battery is properly secured (factory battery tie- downs are preferred).
  • There are no significant fluid leaks.
  • Bring your own helmet. NO LOANERS

Driver's must have a valid drivers license, learners permits are not allowed.

Entries (37)

Taylor Huppler
Ryan Huft
Jadon Jones
Michael Murray
Gary Evert
Jaren Timmer
Jason Williams
Dave Bertsch

Central States Fairgrounds Midway

Rapid City, SD


Autocross/Solo organized by

Black Hills Sports Car Club

Event over!